Time, Grace,Keeping Faith

​Kenya is 2hrs ahead of Nigeria. Both countries are in Africa, it doesn’t mean that Nigeria is slow neither does it mean that Kenya is fast. It means that both countries worked based on their “Time Zone.”


Some people have everything worked fast for them. Some graduated before 22, others got admission at 25. Some got married before 26, others years after. Some have kids 1-3yrs after wedding, others take a little longer. Some got jobs after graduation, for others, it lingers… 

Some meet fortune before they are 30, got cars, houses, live nice, large and mega lifestyles and cruises all over the world, while others might be after 40. 


I sincerely want to plead and beg, never allow comparison, frustration, depression, envy, jealousy, greed, public opinion etc…to drive you to fastering your time zone. It will never be correct and might bring problems to you in the nearest future. 

The first house on the street is never the best house on that street.


The biblical Josiah was crown king at age 8, Joseph (the dreamer) at age 30, and David (the shepherd boy and Isreal’s best king, till today) at 30, while Jehosaphat at age 44. All were Kings.


Never ever wish to be in another man’s time zone because you will never ever be correct. If you succeed too, people might read you correctly initially, but at the end you will be fake, and will be dumped and abandoned accordingly.

May Grace take you anyhow, till you reach your time zone. Till then, Work and Walk in your “Time Zone.”


Enjoy Grace…


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