An Affair With A Half Dressed Light….

​An Affair with a half dressed Light.

I have always loved light.Rather half dressed light.And this love affair began while listening to my grandfather’s gramophone records playing Beethoven’s 3rd symphony ‘Eroica’. 
And during those moments the entire wooden bungalow would start behaving like an erotic woman: fluffy sounds of the shoes trying to move silently over the wooden floor, lights half dressed and made to dance with the shadows of the mahogany trees and the husky tone of the wind pronouncing her lips on the flowing locks of white curtain – slightly open in anticipation of a deeper kiss…
Time changed.So much so that the memories are growing yellow.But my lust for the semi naked body of a light still persists. 
I think it’s got to do with the way I have learnt seeing women – with an open eye of imagination! 


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