Gods Love

​I was on a keke today heading to TBS. A woman with three kids hopped in. Of course she is paying for a seat. I volunteered to carry one of the kids immediately. You would know they are poor. The kid stepped on me. She didn’t even take note. Hahahahahaha. Just relaxed on me. Playing with my hand. Now I was the one who felt so loved. I actually wanted to keep the kid close to me. Suddenly they had to set down. As she was leaving the little girl gave me this loving look like, ‘ Hey Aunty, hope it was worth it’.. She never took note of my stained shoes and I didn’t even bother. I watched the woman carry her armies with her and all of a sudden I felt alone like the little girl shouldn’t have gone. Then I was just pondering over the scenario when the Lord spoke to my heart… He said.. ‘Did you notice you valued the embrace of the little child above the stain on your shoes that you were not thinking about it?’ I said, Yes. He said again… ‘Did you also notice you didn’t want her to leave?”. I said, ‘Yes’.. He then continued.. ‘That is how I see My children. I place them above their errors and mistakes. Their mistakes don’t change how I see them, what I will do for them and how I relate with them. I long for their fellowship. The same way you didn’t want her to leave because you loved the closeness, it is the same way I want to hold you close all day and keep whispering in your ears My unconditional love for you. One look from My children sends sparks into My heart that I can’t restrain from lavishing their faces with kisses. But religion has lied to them telling them I’m angry at their mistakes. I am not an angry God. I am LOVE. I love the company of My children more than their efforts to please Me.’ These words struck my heart. I looked at my shoes, hahahahahaha, and wiped them. ‘ That is how I wipe your mess without calling your attention to it..’ He said.. That scenario made my day.



2 thoughts on “Gods Love

  1. This is also nice. It’s great to know I could always check ur blog out with the mindset that God will somehow speak to me through one of ur posts.
    Keep up the good work dear😇


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