Power Of Love

The power of Love God has given us is so powerful that it can tear down walls and flatten any mountain. Most of all I have seen it change everything that was considered lost and broken. No man can love another of his own will or strength,you will only grow weary but you can love another perfectly when you love with the love of God. True love comes with lots of challenges and only the BRAVE triumphs. 

Show some love today…God expects that of you.

64 thoughts on “Power Of Love

  1. Thanks for the follow Whitney. I can see from looking at your posts that I will enjoy your company! Congratulations on your committment to God. It is the most wonderful decision of your life and will bring you much happiness. All of life also includes sorrows and disappointments, but with Him as your anchor, you will know the peace and joy of His love.

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    1. Thank you Ma’m its a rare privilege to have an amazing woman like you reading my blog. I pray to get to your age of wisdom and Glory. Age gracefully and God bless you.

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      1. Thank you Whitney, but I am just an ordinary person who loves the one who sacrificed Himself for me. I continue to seek Him and His wishes for my life, so credit does not belong to me but to Him for whatever progress I have made, because He is the One who changes me. My part was to want to be changed. God bless you. Stay in touch.

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  2. Bonsoir

    Prendre le temps d’aimer
    C’est l’éternelle jeunesse
    C’est du rire
    C’est la musique quand on se sens en pleine forme
    C’est pleurer quand on a l’émotion
    C’est du cœur à partager avec les siens ou avec ses amis
    C’est de lire pour s’instruire et avoir su savoir
    C’est écouter
    C’est l’intelligence
    De penser est la clé de la réussite
    De jouer nous rappelle notre enfance
    De rêver c’est un souffle de bonheur
    Il faut prendre le temps de vivre car les jours passent vite
    Passe une belle soirée
    Gros bisous Bernard

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  3. I like this one. Really deep and really nice. @whitneyibeblog you did an awesome job. By the way thank you for reading Part 2 of my Blog. Stay Tuned, I’m releasing Part 3 in a few hours.

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  6. Not only today.We need to show love everyday, everywhere. Love is around us,love is energy,love is in nature,in water.Everywhere around us is love.This is our natural conditions. We are happy when we are in nature,because of love. Love …

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