Be The Light

​The world is starving for spiritual understanding. We must rise up and lead this nation out of darkness and into the light. Remember running away from the thunderstorm only prolongs the inevitable, whereas turning and facing it head on, as hard as it is, will sooner lead to calmer skies.God doesn’t take you into joy so you can laugh for five minutes. He takes you into joy so you can go back and get joy when you need it because it is part of your inheritance. Be the light in this world today and see God manifest Himself through you.


6 thoughts on “Be The Light

  1. Very true….I remember a motivational speaker once said that “Those who refuse to prepare for the future today are only living in borrowed time”… Thanks Whitney for blessing me with the bread of truth…

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    1. You are right..We should always prepare for the future,for you just never know what it has in store for u. Let’s not also forget to hand our future over the Lord,he alone can work it all out for us. You are welcome Adamo kogh, thank you for commenting.


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