Its Not Over Yet!

A few months ago, I was encouraged by my lovely neighbour to plant a few stuff in my backyard. I planted okro and some other vegetables. One of the okro yielded faster than the others although, they were planted at the same time. Today, I noticed that it has started drying off and can barely produce. Meanwhile, the others are doing very well producing on a daily basis. 
So it is in the journey of life, some will make it  before you, money, cars, children, education etc, just name it. Don’t panic, don’t envy them, don’t attack them, rejoice with them because it is their appointed time. Don’t allow the wind of life to blow you out of your source. As long as you are on the soil, you will bear your own fruits.

God has not forgotten about you yet. Your time must come but you’ve got to hang on.


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