Letting Go..(His Mistakes)

Her name was Samantha,he was her friend but the neighbour hated her guts,she was his best friend,her feelings were genuine and faithful,he was silent and in different.

“Could she be the one” he pondered,tales of them flew like the wind but he remained in different. “Could I trust her? His heart cried out. My head is echoing louder than my heartbeat he mumbled…..we’ll kiss…now I kept thinking. Then ok..now…And on it went,more tortuous by the second.

He was making her pay for another womans mistake. But my neighbour!  he cried out. There are questions unanswered, but this is getting ridiculous he said….

12am and suddenly it hit him like a sharp arrow piercing his heart,”she is the one! Hurry up to her he said as he walked into his car. She loved my flaws he remembered..we were a match he said to himself. I have to get to her he said and smiled as he drove down the lonely road.

His phone rang and she said with a teary voice” Am getting Married! 

To be continued……….


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