The Mighty Deeds Of God

One attribute of the Almighty God that children of God cannot afford to be ignorant of is that He is the creates Warrior. The children of Isreal experienced the mighty deeds of God and they spontaneously composed a song,you can see that in (Exodus 15:1-4)

When children of God fail to recognise the fact that their Father in Heaven is a man of war,the tendency is that they cringe and bow to worship their enemies in fear. This in turn will bring the judgement of God upon their lives because God Says in Exodus 20:3 that we must have no other god before Him. This is why Jesus came to deliver those who,for the fear of death,have subjected themselves to everlasting bondage.

I have seen the mighty deeds of God in my life and I have come to the conclusion that there is no God as Mighty as my Father in Heaven. I want you to know that the mighty deeds of God will become a daily occurrence in your life if you can identify with the covenant which Jesus made with His blood at Calvary. 

He loves you so much and wants you to bask in that love daily.


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