The term miracle is applied to many things,from the secular to religious, from sports events to the creation. Theologically,emphasis is on what God has revealed through this event. When we see the unusual,the extraordinary and the supernatural,we are called to look for Gods revelation in the event. We ask,”What does this miracle tell us about God? What is He trying to say? Who is He speaking to through this?and “What does this miracle tell us about ourselves?

For instance,when we read of Jesus healing the sick and lame,we may discuss why and how,but we also look for what is revealed about Gods nature in this healing act.

Recently I asked my friend Valerie what miracle meant to her and she say’s ” Receiving a miracle is a great responsibility, but its a beautiful gift. As a responsibility, you can’t treat it lightly. Its something you have to acknowledge…. Don’t dismiss it as a fluke. There is something behind it”.She thinks that ignoring the gift would be an abuse of the gift. When she senses something, she responsibly acts upon it by acknowledging it.

That’s what God expects from us when a miracle happens. Sometimes we pray for miracles,and the miracle does not occur. We may pray for a loved one to be healed of an illness or disease. When healing does not occur we may think that our prayers are unanswered. We may wonder if we prayed correctly,if we even prayed enough or if we prayed with enough faith. We may even question Gods ability and most of the time doubt the possibility of a MIRACLE happening.

Well,guess what? Your prayers are answered and your miracle happened. How? You ask! Prayers of healing offered to God may produce results in ways,places and in people we did not expect. Sometimes the healing that truly needs to happen is within an estranged relationship or hurting family than yours or that of your friend. Sometimes the person offering the prayer receives healing by seeing the world or the situation differently. 

When we pray for healing or support,help or strength the miracle happens when we discover Gods involvement in them all.

Miracles are REAL,they are from God and His ways of letting us know He is with us and around us. They are part of our faith,just BELIEVE.


5 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. So true! Just because we cannot always visibly see God’s answer….that does not mean there is no answer. Many times the answer is wait and calls for faith. I love the thought that maybe the healing prayer healed someone else.


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