Letting Go….(His Mistakes) Pt 2

As he drove down the lonely road,his smiles began to fade.                                        Marcus you have over done it this time “he yelled out”.                                                  She can’t be getting married “he murmured”                                                         Used to listen to everything,she promised to be there he thought aloud.     Can’t help but think about all the times we had and shared together,                          and how I thought you used to love me,when you used to care.                             I’d last through any weather with those touch…but when our storm came I left you at the first sight of rain. Why didn’t I just trust you? He yelled as he drove.         Leaving me here to deal with all this pain…Crying,thinking”How do I do right by you now?                                                         Do I wipe my tears and start anew? New me,new life,and happiness without you?  

Someday you’ll miss me,but it will be too late for us to be”she remembered,staring into the mirror”                                                 You didn’t know what you were missing…                                                              I’m a hell of a good woman “her heart yelled out” Its too bad it took you so long to know.                                                               What we had is in the past,its a reason we didn’t last,                                                     I love you,but I love me more.                       I had to learn that when you walked out the door……..           

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