Setting Deadlines….Does God Respond?

As we are getting ready to celebrate the end of 2016, many of us set New Year’s resolutions — Christian singles included. These typically include striving to diet and eat better, join a gym, or make this the year to (finally) meet that special someone,buy that car,finish that housing project,have my kids,etc.

As Christians, we pray to God (or we ought to) for His guidance in His timing. Except, we often try to “help” God by going for what we want today rather than waiting on His timing.

Through prayers,many Christians reach out to God. However,must God be put on the spot? There is a time factor attached to many if not everything we do. In the professional world,esp in mainstream media,the phrase “deadline or you are dead” has been coined. It emphasizes the importance of working with deadlines. But that’s between men. How about between God and man?
Sometimes we have to move God in our prayers so it is okay to be specific with the time you need God to act. Let’s take for instance “Suppose your child is ill and medical care and everything has failed,do you pray that,’God please heal my son anytime you want? It has got to be now”. I wouldn’t say it is setting deadline for God but I think sometimes we need to be specific with God. 

There is nothing wrong with me saying” God I need this amount of money by the end of this month. God said we should make our request known unto him. As long as my motives are right,I think God would  honour my petition. “Well,maybe man can give God a deadline of sorts-i mean ask anything and whatever from God but the question is does God preoccupy himself to beat man’s deadline?  

God is not moved by the urgency of whatever we want,rather he works according to his plan.. So for God there is nothing like deadline. Even if to you its a matter of life and death; it could be his will that you die(literally) so he can resurrect you.  

We need to realize His will is always the best for us,even if we don’t see it at the time( Believe me I know how difficult it is hearing this). Even if it takes a while,even years we should learn to allow Gods will to be done after we must have made our request known unto Him and don’t put deadlines on God.

5 thoughts on “Setting Deadlines….Does God Respond?

  1. No, no deadlines with God. He is on His time. He already knows how things work out. All we have to do is pray and have faith. And he has proven to me through our two precious adoptions, His acts are better than our dreams. God IS love. god does things!


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