Beauty For Ashes……


Popping up from the soot
springs a flower nourished from this soil.
It needed the food of old pines sacrificed
so it should not have, new of life in toil.

Then there, in the corner of your eye
is seen a patch, of brightest green.
Where at one time there was nothing, but dried needles
of an old pine floor, one had seen.

There is no doubt about it, we are changing all the time. 
Like the butterfly, ready to push his way out of the cocoon,
Unnecessary thoughts from the past  weighs our heart, hopes and dreams
it is time to break-free from our fears, insecurities, apprehensions, the false evidence appearing real (lies)

Like the forest after, a raging fire storm
all of its trees and brushes, burnt to the ground.
Bringing forth from ashes, God gives new life
from burnt embers, He will form.

Alas! Out comes the beauty from ashes burn
God takes His hands and forms a new.
So that God’s lessons might be learned
And bring about, a newer you.

12 thoughts on “Beauty For Ashes……

  1. Amen…… Every message coming from you has a great impact on me, it’s either remembering or reminding….God bless you abundantly for presenting yourself a worthy vessel for his instructions….Amen

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    1. Amen. Thank you Kogh for your kind words and goodwill messages. We are but vessels for the Master’s use. He only fills the one that makes him or herself available and uses them for his high calling. May God bless you too. Thank you for commenting.


  2. Thanks for the reminder that when we go through “fiery trials” that seem almost to destroy us, the question should not be “Why is this happening to me?” but “What is the lesson that God is trying to teach me?”

    Thanks for following my blog Dr.J’s Apothecary Shoppe.

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