Something He Was……


  Once again he’s bruised and broken, before he has the chance to explain the words spoken.

Misguided and lied to one more time, made him stand up and fight for what’s right

One door closed as another one opened. The scars will fade from every stroke and cut. He knows what he wants and he knows what he needs.
It’s not an open heart that will eternally bleed

A strong man has grown from something he was
He’s got places to go and knows where to begin from
Blindness has led him to a dead end street, but another avenue appeared at his street

With shadows behind him, he looked at what lie ahead
He felt renewed strength to dry tears that were shed
He brushed off the dirt and reprogrammed his mind

With much needed self love, his mind will unwind
With a look in the mirror and a smile on his face, his wounds will be healing, his steps retraced.
But he’s determined to make it and he knows that he can
Because the man that he was is now Better and stronger.


10 thoughts on “Something He Was……

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