Holding On To This Photograph…..


  I look around and I see very little
And choose to hold on to so much more
Love can really hurt sometimes, but it’s still the only thing I know
Sometimes I wish I can fit you into my necklace, close to my heart, keep it deep within my soul
I don’t want it to be a forgotten dream

Am holding on to those days
Where our eyes never closed
Where our heart never stopped beating
Where the sun never stopped smiling down on us
Where our dreams kept living
Where we kept hearing each others whisper

We make this memories for ourselves
Where time stays forever frozen
I swear it could get easier, if only……
You will never be alone, he promised, but……
I never want to let you go, he reassured ……..

I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve given up
But I’m still here
Holding on, refusing to let go of this “Photograph”


19 thoughts on “Holding On To This Photograph…..

  1. Your writings have a maternal cuddle,it just chauffeurs my imagination to either the past or future….. I’ve found a new addiction!!!,and sure, that photograph will live in my heart forever……

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Couldn’t help but smile Adamo. There are some love, memories that are just difficult to let go. You just keep clinging to them like your life depends on it. It’s always a pleasure to have here. Thank you for stopping by.


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