Her Scars…..Her Fears!


  Many people know her as the girl who is dating Richard Ojo, and only has three best friends. The girl who never talks, the girl who is so shy to speak up. The girl who everyone notices is always alone and never smilies( if only they knew)

She wants more friends but doesn’t know how to express it. She was taken for granted and bullied when she was a kid. She just doesn’t know how to make friends without been scared of getting hurt again.

At night the feelings of depression and anxiety appears,hoping that the only friends and family she has don’t run away from her life. The feeling of guilt from all of her stupid mistakes and flaws.
Always feeling guilty for being herself!

The fear that she might just be worthless to the people who haven’t left her already. The fear that she can’t make them proud. The fear that she just can’t do anything right.

Guilty if anyone sees her scars,they would be angry with her for feeling the way she does. She constantly thinks of what she would say when anyone finds out or sees. She just goes deep into space thinking about it and trying not to cry.

She is tired of wondering what she did wrong. Would she ever get accepted along side her scars. All she needs is to hear someone say” Everything is going to be okay! You are loved! You are worth more than your mistakes and scars!

25 thoughts on “Her Scars…..Her Fears!

  1. You put into words the exact fears I’ve carried for a long, long time. The only remedy is, indeed, realising all will be fine eventually, and all is okay already. We need to accept ourselves first. Great post 🙂

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    1. Hi Sam, I am glad to know all is well with you. I guess we both have a lot in common including our names ( am also Samantha). Everything is alright now cos I no longer allow my fears to limit me.The greatest limitations mankind has ever known is Fear,esp fear of the unknown. Thank you Sam for stopping by and commenting.

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      1. Fear of the unknown, now don’t get me started on that one :p I’ve learned to deal with most of mine, as well, and it is liberating. I wish you a really great week, fellow Samantha 🙂


  2. This post really hit home. I used to be that girl. But then my best friend Tyler came along and helped me see myself in a different perspective and I can’t go back to that girl in the post. I just can’t. Thanks for sharing. It was beautiful!

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  3. Oh, Whitney… your voice speaks of such widespread, long-term and lingering aftereffects of trauma. Bless you, may you be okay and surround yourself with those who LOVE you. Thanks for visiting (and following) my blog – and bringing me around to yours.

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    1. Thank you healing pilgrim, am so glad I stopped by and visited your blog. Am pretty sure that I have a whole lot to learn and achieve by doing that. I look forward to seeing more inspiring posts from you. Thank you for commenting

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  4. The best way to kill the demon “rejection” is to disdain it… Once you are at peace with your innermost self, everything else begins to fall in place….

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  5. She is loved exceedingly and abundantly beyond what she can imagine. She was formed a masterpiece in her mothers womb by the great Creator who breathlessly awaited her birth and anticipates her arrival at the finish line to tell her good job.

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