Tales Of Introverts……


I love how it is progressively becoming “ok” to be an introvert in our society today. Most time I crave time alone to reflect and think, to write and code…
So, is there a point to this? 
Probably not…just looking for similar souls out there in cyberspace(Smiles)….

From what I’ve read on this, most of the world is extroverted.  Something like 70-75%, am i right?But why do a few of these folks assume that there’s something genetically wrong with introverts and that they need psychotherapy just because they don’t enjoy the same social activities that they do?  Some get downright rude 
with their assumptions,  I guess they don’t understand, that to introverts, crowds of mingling, jostling, parading, strutting people are just a bunch of noise.  Noise that screws with their inner peace. 
As much as they hate the noise, they don’t condemn them for “mingling” but 
they sure don’t see it as a grand virtue.  Sure, it’s an advantage for 
meeting new people, but that opens up the entire quality people vs. 
quantity of people issue, which is not what I want to get into here. 

I don’t claim introverts are superior to extroverts or vice versa, just 
different.  The world needs both kinds of people (OK, I humbly admit 
that I wish the ratio was closer to 50%).  There is definitely a disadvantage to being introverted and single, however:  dating. It sort of limits one’s options. Often times, they find themselves posting pleas for dates to usenet groups, considering paying for a 
professional introduction service, thinking about attending a church 
they don’t like, etc, just to meet people.  Even worse, some of their fellow introverts succumb to peer-pressure and try to “come out of their shell”.  Now, if it’s shyness they are trying to beat, more power to them.  But if they are just trying to click off that 
self-examining part of their brain and throw their arms up into the 
air and go “whoo-hoo” and go gyrate amongst the maddening crowd….then God help them.

I’m glad there are light hearted, easygoing, unburdened people out 
there who can just talk to anyone and are comfortable in any situation. But I’m willing to bet most of the big contributors to humanity up to this point were introverts.  Introverts aren’t damaged goods. There is nothing wrong with Introverted people. Their silence isn’t always out of fear or 
selfishness.  They’re just doing things most people are too busy having 
fun to do:  listening, watching, and thinking.  They don’t need to “get 
a life”,They’re all to aware of life and the value of time.  


25 thoughts on “Tales Of Introverts……

    1. Thanks Susie, I have been an introvert almost all my life as well. But the best part of it is that it just feels good having those quite moments to myself. It’s nice of you to stop by and comment. Thank you


  1. I prefer aloneness, but force myself to interact with others. My son (who by the way is single) is an introvert. He is also very shy. He once told me how much he wished he could be like me. I had to inform him that like Susie Stewart, I had to work at it and learn. I spent a good part of my childhood alone. When I did try to mingle, I was awkward and loud, not knowing mingling protocol. Then I was made fun of and I’d go back to my cubby hole. I do very well now, but then I learned. Still sitting here, I have no music, no sound other than the hum of the computer and an occasional passing car and I like it that way.

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    1. Yes Jolie I totally understand what you are talking about. The peace of mind we get most times from being alone can never be overated. Thank you for sharing your piece with me, it truly means a lot. I guess we are all still learning to adapt to a lot of things.

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      1. I think so. I remember a movie made a long time ago, called
        “No Man is an Island” It was a war film and how a man lived on this island in hiding and how this family kept sneaking supplies to him, risking their lives. But it was the title that stuck for me. We all need someone, some time, somehow.

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  2. I’ve spent most of my life alone. I don’t regret one minute. As several others have mentioned, I love the quietness of being alone, the relaxed silence where one can think, read, and write. In our getting and spending culture, the accent is on noise, fast movement, and crowds, where “things” material goods tend to pull us away from what is real and into the crush of consumerism. Nevertheless, when I see a young person reading a book rather than pecking a smart phone, I feel there is still hope.

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  3. I am an introvert and always have been, but I do agree that is becoming “a thing” today. Especially across social media. And, the representation of it is an introvert having a negative mindset toward people. I don’t think that is a healthy message to send and that is not how being an introvert works.

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    1. Totally with you on this one. Introverts themselves have made their images as being too deep and thoughtful, while making others look superficial. I personally hate the labels. I mean I need some ‘me’ time, that’s it. I don’t want to tell others that I am special because of this.

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  4. Amen, love being an introvert, but has hindered me in a lot of ways. For a long time, I never even knew anything about the subject and what it was “about me” for years, not getting why I was so “odd, different and strange.”

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  5. I like the ending statement,”…All aware of life and the value of time”,one thing I enjoy about extroverts are their formless dish of humour,I remember once,a colleague from the extrovert league,seeing my ATM card carelessly sitting on my desk,told me he could prove that his ATM is heavier than mine,I was curious, from my introverted perspective,he snapped in immediately,”bros, you too serious”,in local parlance,”see my ATM card heavy pass your own cos I get more money pass you”….I laughed so hard I got cramps as I jostled to wipe my tears…Honestly,we really can’t do without each other, just as a bullet is useless without a gun….


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