Cruel words spoken in anger, rejections, betrayal of trust,broken promises, cast aside because you didn’t just belong, broken relationships…..
Have you ever been down those dark paths before? Well, I have and I know exactly how it feels. So many people are living in the shadow of guilt and condemnation. The mistakes of their past haunts them and it is a painfully lonely journey for them.

Today, I went to a Carl-care center with a friend to run some errands and I was opportuned to have a conversation with one of the customer care representative. While we were discussing I noticed she kept using the line “I can’t, I can’t“. Naturally, I don’t like to argue but I didn’t know when my mouth opened and I asked her “How much of yourself do you believe in? She kept mute and I could hear the sound of pin drop, if any had dropped at that moment.  She must have been through a lot in life and felt she has lost the freedom to be anything anymore. She felt she has no power of her own and her life was just over, when it has just begun.

I know the truth of my life. I know where I started and how far I’ve come, I am so aware of where I am going to. I believe that when people choose to blame others for their lot in life, they forfeit their power and the will to change their destiny. I also believe when you teach people to be victims from birth you stifle the inborn survival instincts that can motivate them to strive to excel. I had to let her know she can be anything she wants to be, if she has faith in God, her abilities, she has potentials for success in this country of ours,where she is just as good as anyone else, if not even better, if she is willing to work for it and believe in herself.

There would be people that won’t like you just because of your ethnicity, people will also dislike you simply because you are beautiful and smart, handsome and decent,and many other reasons. People constantly, will exhibit negative vibes and virtues around you. Often they are trying to belittle you, because they are insecure about their own lack of skills or inability to achieve, all in a bid to stop  you from being free to achieve your dreams.

If you are reading this and you are paralyzed by a heavy sense of condemnation over something in your past, I want you to know beyond any doubt that God is not withholding your breakthrough from you. He loves you, understands your pain and suffering, and has forgiven you through the cross. He wants you to know that your past does not have to poison your future.

  No matter how many dark days you have experienced, your brightest and most glorious days are still ahead of you!
“YOU ARE FREE……. John 8:36- Who the son of man sets free is free indeed”..

38 thoughts on “Freedom…..Forever

  1. “I believe that a person who chooses to blame others for their lot in life, also forfeit their power to change their destiny.” – I like this part. I never thought about it this way, but I think you’re right about this. I know a good few people who always blame other or life or God for their bad luck and somehow they never seem to stop having exactly that: bad luck. We have a say in our own lives.
    Great post.

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  2. Life brings ups and downs. Everybody faces piquant situation and must have undergone so many hurdles in relation to marriage, in relation to adjustment in life, adjustment in any job, adjustment in new environment etc. It may be of individual concerned or the member of his/her family. But very few agree on this score but in their heart of hearts they know that nobody can escape from the upheavals that life or ‘time’ poses us. Your write is a true state prevailing. Thanks sharing.

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