Her Smiles…..


I know it may be hard to believe,
But this, is what I live for,
All I crave for,
What breaks every man when they see it,
And makes them miserable when it’s gone.
You make everything seems perfect.

No matter what you’ve heard,
You are worth more than all the rubies and diamonds in the world,
You are Irreplaceable, unmistakable, incomparable
My world, you are beautiful.

Every time I see your face with that smile….
You make every wrong, right
If I could, I would write on the sky how much you mean to me,
When I come home sad and broken, all you have to do is Smile, and everything becomes alright.

My desire is to keep seeing that beautiful smile,
I would go a thousand miles just to make you smile,
I’ll take nothing but give everything
Just to see you smile at me,
You, my love, is the one thing that makes my world go round.

Te Amo


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