Stop Playing The Blame Game…..


Many times when we suffer the consequences of bad choices, we want to blame them on someone’s else. Instead of taking personal responsibility for our decisions and their results, we say, “The devil made me do it,” ” I am in this condition because of the way my parents raised me,” or “If my boss would pay me more, I wouldn’t be in this debt.” ” If only he could love me just a little more, I won’t be contemplating suicide,”

Sometimes people do have reasons for making bad choices, but those reasons should never become excuses. We need to use the recognition of those reasons to help understand how we need to change and make good choices, not to justify continued bad choices.

I have made some bad choices but I never allowed it to be an excuse for never changing. Bad choices rarely affect only one person. If you make negative or harmful choices in your life, they will always affect someone else. God gives us the ability to make our own choices. We must choose to agree with God.


We must choose to stop blaming circumstances and people for the problems in our lives and start taking responsibility for all our choices, and watch God come through for us.

some people create their own storms…and then blame other people when it rains.”


42 thoughts on “Stop Playing The Blame Game…..

  1. Hello Whitney.Yes,yes,yes and yes.I totally agree with you .it is much easier to blame everything around as except ourself .But when we reach that level,that we can take the responsibilities for all our actions,we will be ready to make some changes in life.

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  2. I totally agree with you! God gives us the ability to make our own choices. So we must start taking responsibility for all our choices. Awesome post 🙂

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