No more…. Taking The Limits Off


I saw you as the boss
Relished every word you said
Always right, while I was always wrong
Consumed by you, I believed you
Constantly walked on my toes
For fear of hurting you
For fear of never being good enough

The weight I carried was never meant for me
The hurts, the silence, kept breaking me
You constantly saw through me
Constantly needing you to help me
I needed you to help me breathe

I won’t be down anymore
I won’t be scared anymore
I won’t hide under your skin no more
I won’t let you choke me anymore

Am doing me now
So glad I dodged the bullet
Am not where I want to be but I definitely ain’t going back down
I don’t need you to breathe
I can do that myself now
Am breathing again
Your loss

12 thoughts on “No more…. Taking The Limits Off

  1. Terrific poetic statement of strength regained! Very well done. Not only the message is pertinent but I also like the fact that you kept the poem gender free! Very good! I think many people might be surprised to know that many men find themselves in stifling relationships. This poem gives them a voice.

    Excellent. Thanks for posting!

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