Laugh It Off….


Laugh it off grandma, it’s just a joke!!.
I always appreciate humourous stories, and I like to laugh but sometimes I get so carried away with challenges of life and I forget to laugh. Does that happen to you as well? Well, you and I need to laugh and be light-hearted. Even the Bible says being happy is good for us, and throughout the scriptures we are encouraged to Rejoice and be joyful and be glad. Many of us know Proverbs 17:22 ” A happy heart is good​ medicine.”

Laughter can pull us out of the pit of depression and sadness. It boosts our energy and changes our attitude completely. Research shows that when we laugh, we release tension, anxiety,anger, fear, shame, pain, and guilt. Laughter also increases antibodies and is said to have a protective capacity against viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms.


Science affirms that laughter truly is like a medicine because it causes the release of body chemicals called Endorphins. These endorphins helps relieve pain and create a sense of well being within us. They may also reduce stress, enhance circulation, improve the immune system, lower blood pressure, stimulate the nervous system, decrease cholesterol and strengthen the heart. A good, hearty chuckle really is like internal jogging. It’s an internal aerobics exercise; we inhale more oxygen when we laugh, and research say it can increase the capacity of our lungs.

” Is it true that the average man or woman laughs 4 to 8 times per day, but the average child laughs about 150 times per day?”


Loving his smile now right? Yes, me too.
Now I understand why the Bible says we need to approach Jesus as little children. Children are innocently happy. Adults on the other hand, need to learn to laugh. ..We would be so much better off if we would stop being so very serious about everything and start enjoying lives. We spend too much time opposing ourselves, being our own worst enemies. We judge ourselves more strictly than we judge others, and we focus on our faults far too extensively.

Am not disputing the fact, that there are times when situations​ are grave and requires us to be serious. But, so many of the little, everyday things we treat so importantly​ are really not so important.
Give yourself a break!.
God know every flaws and mistake you will make when he created you and called you as his own. Nothing about you is a surprise to Him, neither are the things you are going through a surprise to Him too. He knows and he understands.

You are who you are. You do what you do, and you don’t have to be perfect. It’s ok to mess up but it’s not ok to remain in the mess. So, accept who you are, laugh at yourself and at jokes, and enjoy your life today and always….Just laugh…



30 thoughts on “Laugh It Off….

  1. laughs. smiley are wondrous therapies to human beings, when hard days is coming , a keepsake in order to goodie times about us, unfortunately sun is every in the skies and no seeing due to cloudy days, then first step we must be remembering laughs and our body is working better…


  2. Excellent post Whitney! The saddest people I’ve counseled are those who despair in their past. They live with baggage they fail to “unpack,” deal with and put away. The strongest people I know are those who have been through the trials of life yet come out laughing because they’ve overcome. It gives them confidence that they can endure anything and survive. Their choice but God’s Hope makes all the difference. Blessings,

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  3. Hi Whitney,
    It’s true! Laugh is the best medicine, the best drink, the best dish, the best treat, the best….you might need or wish!
    When you laugh everything has a better colour!
    Congratulations for your nice blog.
    And thanks a lot for following my blog.
    All the best!

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