Good Music​…From A Broken Chord…


It’s often said that a good music would always make the heart merry.
No one knows how to bring out a good music out of a broken chord like my God.
There is no “rejectemente”with him. He see treasures where others sees trash. He see hope where we see broken. He see love where we see hate.
When it gets hard, he makes it all easy.
He heals every broken heart and makes the victims forget there was ever a hurt. He never lets us down how awesome​ right?

In life, there are things that are said and there are things that are unsaid. The truth we don’t know are often better than the lies we seem to get used to.
There will be days when everything and anything won’t make sense but the good news is He will always find a way to make good musics out of every broken chord.
My prayer for you is that you won’t give up but keep on going.

Your Opera has just begun……


16 thoughts on “Good Music​…From A Broken Chord…

  1. Nice article, a broken melody could be a lovely melody with excellent arrangements from the clappings from day to day, besides all versions are different in every play and a thing is sure we must be playing instruments ‘cos we aren’t cowards and loving music besides therapy.


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