Moving On…(Quest Post)


Go back to the time we never met,
Our friendship do not recollect,
Erase from your mind the moment
We once together spent.

Forget that we once kissed,
Forget being my Mrs.
Your absence I will not miss
Even though we’ve shared moment so bliss.

My phone, do not call
Even if your countenance fall
And like a baby you squall
I don’t seem to care at all.

My number, do not ring
Don’t have me ping
Forget having my wedding ring
To another you can cling.

I’m sure you remember the day I proposed
On my knees with a rose
On my hand, as you left me where I posed,
I was almost made comatosed.

I was left with no clue
I can’t believe my proposal rejected is true,
But someone came to my rescue
That made me swing the feelings I had for you.

Now she is my lover
Forever will I love her
And we will soon go to the altar,
So don’t expect me to hurt her.

It’s true I can’t marry two,
That you knew too
I will try to forget you
And I pray you also do.

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