Your Mind…..Use It! ( Quest Post)


Can you imagine what would happen to a newly bought car packed down in a garage for months without using it or engaging it in any way? If your guess is good as mine, then that car becomes useless even though it’s visible and neatly parked.
An idle mind makes a miserable life? When you do not engage your mind or make use of it, it become dull and oftentimes dormant. You exercise your mind when you make use of it or set it to work.


Your mind can absorb anything to any length as it feeds on information. Yet, nobody has overdeveloped his or her mind. Be quick to discern discouraging thought, of doubt, of unbelieve and eject them from your mind before they make you do the regrettable.


The more you exercise your mind in meditation, calculation, reading, writing, strategizing and learning, the more flexible it becomes in dealing with life emergencies. One of the greatest achievements in life is learning. Abraham Lincoln once said, When you stop learning, you are old, whether at twenty or eighty. Oblivious to many, people start aging from the mind, not the body. When you keep your mind alive through constant learning, you never become outdated….


Reading makes a full man, as it rids your mind off mediocrity and obscurity. Writing makes an exact man, while meditation makes an enlightened man. Someone once said “When a man’s brain is no longer working towards anything, it becomes a weight on his body” and i agree to that. It’s not enough to be just a reader but also a thinker.


The reason why a newly bought pen that is kept for long never writes isn’t because it has no ink in it, but because, it has been deprived of its use for a certain period of time.

Watch your thoughts; soon they become your words. Watch your words; soon they become your actions. Watch your actions; soon it becomes your habits. Watch your habits; soon it determines your place in life.”
Always remember this maxim and also bear in mind that when you exercise your mind, it enables you to think faster, deeper, and wider in any situation you find yourself.
E.W Kenyon in his book, Signposts On the Road To Success said “Make your brain work; it will sweat, but make it work. Then it will improve, it will develop, until you become the envy of those around you.” Your mind is your life! It’s worth every form of investment.


19 thoughts on “Your Mind…..Use It! ( Quest Post)

    1. Thank you Charlene, it warms my heart to know that you look forward to my post daily. I do look forward to yours too. I really appreciate it. Thank you stopping by and sharing with us all. God bless you.


  1. Funny, wow our mind in a square dance ball is a extreme dichotomy, it could be our best friend and
    our best fiend too.
    We must be taming our mind in a few moments and then we’re human beings.
    Welcome to our virtual reality and no video games

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  2. I hadn’t thought of Francis Bacon’s quote (which my high school English teacher had above the blackboard) for many years: “Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.” Thanks.

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