The Seed….Act In Faith!


If you put a seed in the ground, then go out and dig it up every day to see if anything is happening, you will kill that seed. That seed needs to be left in the ground for a period of time. There has to be some measure of faith right? I know farmers may not use this terminology, but it’s true. The person who plants the seed has to believe that the seed is germinating, putting roots down and producing. You just have to leave that seed there by faith and over a period of time it produces.


It’s the same thing with the word of God. You can’t just take a promise, plant it and expect to reap a harvest right away. You can’t just hear 1 Peter 2:24 for the first time then confess ” By His Stripes I am healed. I claim it in Jesus name,” and then if you aren’t healed in the next ten minutes, you go up and dig that seed saying ” Well, nothing has happened or is happening.” And then the next day, you go back and do it again. That’s not abiding in the word, nor letting the word abide in you. “John 15:5”


You must come to a place where the word of God is part and parcel of you. It’s not something you study for a little bit and then go out and live your whole day contrary to it. It’s not ok to spend ten or twenty minutes in devotion mode, being sweet and kind and listening to God, but then once it’s over you go back to being a piranha the rest of the day….Being angry, mean, sad, vicious in your relationship and dealings with other people. You may have planted the word in your devotion time, but you dug that word up. It’s not working inside of you. It’s not staying in your heart and as a result it doesn’t produce results.

You can’t just consider God’s word during your devotion time, and expect that all of a sudden change the way you act that day. You have to take those truths about loving people, turning the other cheek and thinking more highly of other people, and leave that seed in your heart over time. Then whenever somebody rubs you the wrong way, you need to act in faith and let the word continue to affect you. You must abide in the word and allow the word abide in you, for it to release its power and impact your life.

29 thoughts on “The Seed….Act In Faith!

  1. A thing is sure as human beings we ‘ve a role of farmers in the mankind and according to my dad words “sun is day to day in our skies, unfortunately you can’t see the sun in cloudy moments and he’s around us”. Whether we lost our desires or goals we fields are fired and no seeds.
    Besides when I’m a farmer I want see fruits from my trees, lovely tastes as your blog…
    Kisses from Spain

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  2. Hi Whitney. First time reader of your work. Sister, you have a simple and eloquent way of making God’s word come alive. I really enjoyed your post and look forward to seeing more from you. You have a new fan, friend & brother in Christ.


    1. Hi Ennis, thank you for your words. I am very happy too​ to have a new friend. Together, we will keep spreading God’s words and love to his people. Its very thoughtful of you to drop by and share with us. God bless you


  3. This is what so many people miss. the spirit changes us but we need to mediate on the word of God in order for us to WANT to change. If we gloss over the Bible and then go about our day as usual we didn’t accomplish anything and I don’t see how that’s glorifying to God in any way.


  4. I really wanted to pull up my grape stick (that is all that is showing right now) the other day to see if any roots were developing. It is so frustrating to see no growth! So I very much relate to your analogy…in my gardening and in my season of life right now. I am sowing the seeds that I believe God has given me, and waiting for growth. Trying to keep my focus on doing my part of the job….the sowing….and letting Him do His part…..the growing.

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    1. Letting him do his part” i love that line. Trusting Him to do what he says he will do is where our faith is needed the most. Thank you Cheryl for sharing with us. It’s very thoughtful of you and I appreciate it. God bless you.

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  5. just blessed my soul…and stepped on my toes at the same time! As my Pastor says, we live in a time of instant gratification. If we (and I am including me) do not see the fruits of our labor immediately, we want to ditch the process and give up. But how weak does that make our faith?! Did Jesus quit after His first temptation? Did He come off the cross? No, He persisted, He trusted, He had faith. This, too, is how we should act. Loved it! Thank you!

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