Do I Matter?…..Do You?


How much of me does the world need? Who cares if i change for the better or not? Why do i need to stop smoking, it’s my lungs after all? Do i need to go to church when everything keeps falling apart? Why pray when God never answers? The preacher keeps talking about paying of tithe, does it even matter if i pay it? Do i really need those treatments if the doctors have already concluded there’s​ no cure for the ailment? Who cares if i wake up or not? I barely have friends that cares anyway? Does it really matter if i get married or not? Does it matter if i go to college or not?
Who cares? Who cares? Who cares? Well, I do and God does..


Sometimes​ i wake up and ask myself questions. These questions help to keep me focused and restore my hopes. I often ask if the world would be any different if i weren’t born? If wasn’t born into my family? If i didn’t have this blog? Sometimes I feel like I have an important role to play in something that am yet to figure out.
I get it, we are all different and from different world but yet we are all one. You can see more of us being one here:

Many of us grow up in a world where life is dispensable and less important, where our individual contributions and efforts are never recognized nor applauded. A place where the rich and powerful trample on the poor and weak.


Beneath all this uncertainty and doubt lies the conviction that “I Don’t Matter.” “Am not loved”, “I don’t belong”… Many no longer care what others may think or say about their recent maladaptive behaviours. If the world wants to crumble, it can they couldn’t care less. Many wish they were not born,after all no one will miss them if they were never here and was not expected. But this is far from the truth.


Yes, you do matter, not because everyone says so or because your family and friends say so. The main reason why you matter is because God said so: You are not an accident. You matter to God. Even before the world was created, God had you in mind, and he planned you for His purposes. He looked at you and said “This is good” “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” These purposes will surely extend far beyond the few years you will spend on earth. You were made to last forever with him in glory.

The Bible says in Job 12:10 “It is God who directs the lives of his creatures; everyone’s life is in his power” The reason why many of us seems to be struggling and not getting it right is because we ask the wrong questions. We ask self-centered questions like “What do I want to be? What should I do with my life? What are my goals, my ambitions, my dreams for my future?” But focusing on ourselves will never reveal our life’s purpose. John 12:10, Isaiah 44:2 clearly states that.


We were all made by God and for God’s purposes, and until we understand that, life will never make sense. The Lord has made everything for his own purpose. Proverbs 16:4
I believe that there are accidental parents, but there are no accidental births. I also believe that there are illegitimate parents, but there are no illegitimate children. Some pregnancies may be unplanned for, but there are no accidental birth or people. God wanted you in this world and that’s why you are here. You are not an accident. You matter and you have a Purpose too. Colossians 1:16 “For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible . . . everything got started in him and finds its purpose in him 

When Christ subjected himself in the form of a servant on earth,allowed himself to go through all the humiliations,  He showed that the hand of God is not too big for the smallest person in the world. It is the same hands that created the stars, cradled us in love, that was engraved with our individual names and engraved also with wounds, the cost to God of loving us so much can never be overrated. Just like the stars can not be replaced with the sun at night, that’s how irreplaceable you are. If you are unable to fill in the space you have been allocated to here on earth, the world will never be the same, believe me.
So, whenever you feel worthless, depressed and expendable, remember that you are very important and there are souls tied to your loins. Souls that depends on you, souls that needs you alive so their lives can be transformed. If you don’t affect these lives while here on earth, then your existence would have been all for nought.


The good news am leaving to all the many questions you are asking right now, especially “Do I matter” is Yes you do. Your birth is a clear indication that you matter and you are precious!.
You are needed. The world needs​ you and what you have to offer.
Find the missing piece of your life in Christ Jesus and begin to do exploits today!…

33 thoughts on “Do I Matter?…..Do You?

  1. we must be thinking about it, our world is a complex and wondrous thing, besides we´ve got difficult times as stair up instead stairs down and a thing is sure we could be a hero in our fantasies and only one star in the universe, then my friend don´t matter about it? Enjoy and lighting in your relationship in a spellbound site called mother earth.

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    1. We just need to believe that we are important and needed despite the complexity of this world and our lives. Thank you my dear friend for sharing this wonderful piece with us. It’s very thoughtful of you.

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    1. Thanks​ buddy, your words are really kind. The world won’t be the same either without you. We are all needed and important. Our importance can never be overrated. Am glad you dropped by and commented. Gracias Amigos. Have a great weekend


  2. Thanks Whitney, a very good message giving assurance in our God of Love.

    I was illegitimate, unwanted and unloved for most of my early life, I will leave a link for you Whitney about my Childhood perhaps you would like to read it.


    Although as a young Child I knew Jesus as my friend, I was deceived as a Teenager that I came from an Ape and that Jesus my Best Friend was just made up and the Bible too and so I became an Atheist for almost 30 years although only in my head not my Heart or I would still be one. Thankfully Jesus rescued me and yes more than once.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

    P.S I’m receiving your Posts now Whitney, I don’t know why it was showing I was no longer following you.


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