I sincerely apologize dear fans for the silence for some couple of days now. I am currently preparing for my exams, it takes most of time lately but i promise to post as often as i can. 

My day two quote is a very one. Funny because everyone i hear someone say it, no matter where i am or what i’m doing i just smiling and sometimes i smile so hard and i end up laughing. It says ” Don’t give up on your dreams…Keep sleeping”. Ideally, it sounds very funny but at the same time very powerful. The quote is very simple but complex for the foolish. For those that may not understand will think that it simply means they need to keep dreaming without doing anything to pursue the dream. I love this quote regardless of how funny it is, to me it makes me laugh and at the same reminds me that i need to buckle up if i must keep smiling.


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