My quote for today is “Keep smiling while you still have teeth” very funny right? Yes, i know. I love this quote because it reminds me that life is too short to hold on to grudge, pain, bitterness. It reminds me that a time will come when i will need to smile but won’t have the teeth to. Oftentimes when i hear people say ” i don’t know how to smile, am always sad, life keeps making me sad”. I wonder what will happen when they get older. 

This quote to me isn’t just about smiling, it’s deeper than that. I look at it from the angle of having a positive spirit that welcomes people because a time will come when no one would want to stay around you in order not to get contaminated with your negative vibes or energy. I love this quote because it reminds me to stay positive, smile often and also show off my white set of teeth…(Smiles 😁😁😁).


  1. In the XVI Century, Prince of Florence Lorenzo De’ Medici, in one of his poems was writing : “Let it be happy who wants it to be, because of tomorrow there’s no certainty!”, …just thinking about how is short the human life.

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    1. I totally relate with your comment. Life is pretty short and we need to make the best of it while still here. Thank you very much for stopping by and sharing with us.


  2. A thing is sure smile’s the best drug or medicine to us, nice therapy and very faces when we’re smiling
    Hook up and smile very different to grimaces


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