The Power Of The Spirit….

The life of a Christian without the indwelling power of the spirit in the heart is weariness to the flesh. It is an obedience to commandments and an endeavour to walk according to a pattern that you have no power of your own to follow. But bless God, the Christian life that is loved by the impulse of the spirit of Christ within your soul becomes a joy and a power and a glory.

The power in the Spirit of Christ only becomes applicable in our life according to the vision and the application of our thoughts to our own need. The air is filled with electricity. It is in the skies, it is under the water. There is nowhere you can go to escape from it. Consequently, it is usable everywhere, if you take possession of it. So it is with the spirit of Christ. The mode or means or manner by which the soul of man takes possession of the power of God is through the attitude of the soul and mind of man towards it.
I may decide to live all the days of my life in a quiescent, dreamy state, never becoming conscious of the power of God in my life. On the other hand, i have chosen to lend my soul and mind to God in active force until the spirit of the living God so impregnates my life and flashes from my being that, like the Lord Jesus, the evidence and manifestations of that divine life is given to other men.

There’s so much more evidence that the Holy Spirit is God’s power, mind, and life essence through which He begets us as His children. “Acts 10:45”.


16 thoughts on “The Power Of The Spirit….

  1. A thing is sure we’re seeking Jesus on every street
    and when the end of the day we got more than a ser of lies, good job and longing for a new day as great human beings.
    We need a heroes in different moments could be Christ, Buddha… All creeds are valids and the thruth is out there where we’re an x-file.

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