Legacy….#Laid Any?

I want to be remembered for something, don’t you? Am sure you do too. Everyone wants to be remembered for something, either for something they did, said, or believed in. We all want to be known as persons that made a difference in our world, and have our names written with golden pen. 

Right from when we were kids till now we are all grown up, we have been told that we are special and have a purpose in this world. We have been told that our destinies are in our hands and our lives will be what we make out of it. Even though fate and nature have a say in our lives.  

Have you ever stopped to wonder what happens to us when our lives changes and we are forced to make difficult choices and in turn the legacy we intended to leave behind becomes compromised? I have and it’s scary but then that’s life right? We’ve all got roles in our lives, to be a good daughter, son, friend, cousin, niece, mother, father, grandparents, etc., but it’s how we use it that makes all the difference. If we really try and really want it, we can actually change the world. The question is do we really​ want to change our world? Or are we just comfortable in our comfort zone? Do we really care about the legacy we will be leaving behind? 

As we go through our journey of life, we continuously create a personal legacy whether we are conscious of it or not. As we learn from our past, live in the present and prepare for our future, these experiences helps to create our unique legacy. Our morals, values, principles, the examples we set, the paths we choose, the decisions we make, and the way we conduct ourselves and life, helps in creating our unique signature in this world.
I was speaking to my friends today about “leaving a legacy behind” they found it intriguing and kept speaking on how they will leave inheritance for their children. This left me pondering on my way home, if that’s the only legacy that one should leave behind. I’m not saying its not important, it is.  It is only natural to want to feel as though one have an identity and that their place on this earth truly matters.

I know some people aside from my friends will include leaving an inheritance as part of their legacy, well, that’s ok but then am not speaking solely about that. I am laying more emphasis on personal character and uniqueness.
The question now is “The life we are leaving now​, is it reflecting the legacy we want to be remembered for? Remember ” No legacy is as rich as honesty.” William Shakespeare…


5 thoughts on “Legacy….#Laid Any?

  1. Legacy excelent word in our vocabulary of human beings, besides facing off steps out comfortable zone and lots of citizens no fab word.
    All humans are pedestrians and when we see the long way to walk through the years… we got a rich personality and it was hard and worthy… love ‘er gold… feelings…

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