Mad Traffic…..

Am i the only one or is there someone else who just don’t like the traffic situation in the country especially from my end?. It’s so annoying to wake up early and still get to your office​, school, meetings, ect late. I am beginning to get pissed off.

How can a city like Lagos with a substantial commuter population have the worst traffic flow? The method of parking by most drivers is so annoying. It is no longer news that traffic congestion is a common occurrence on many roads within the city at certain times of the day in most areas and this has given rise to degration to the quality of life in Lagos. Imagine leaving your home by 5am and get to your office by 9am, you are already tired, exhausted, angry and worn out. How productive will you be that day? 

Most of all the services access meant for use is inefficient and disrupted. We have the “agbero boys” as they are popularly called contribute to traffic congestions. They keep running after vehicle for their money and hold up buses that dont pay. As if thats not bad enough, traffic along the express lanes is unsightly. Parking lot are no longer in use, they have been converted to mostly commercial and business spots. Most of the buses are not fit to be on the road and the drivers are not duly licensed.  The Police have the statutory obligation to uncover stolen cars so they can check the genuineness of your particulars but this isn’t what they do. They end up asking for bribe and this contributes to traffic congestion. FRSC rarely do except in certain circumstances. The VIO, that has the primary duty to ensure every vehicle on the road has the right documents contributes to traffic congestion as well. This is crazy! LASTMA and NURTW has no business asking motorists for papers except in cases where a drivers has committed serious offence or crimes​.

Drivers violate traffic rules and regulations and often they get away without being punished and often this leads to accidents.  Also due to one-way traffic floor created by reckless drivers, there is enormous, undesirable and avoidable queue of vehicles at several intersections. The worst part is most of the roads are detoriated and full of potholes and have become death traps for many, this makes drivers to slow down when they approach the area. This thus results in bottleneck. The poor drainage networks and channels leads to perennial problem of street flooding during the raining season which then causes disruption in traffic flow. 

Guess what? I’m stuck in traffic and didn’t know what else to do to ease my anger other than to write. I pray i don’t get to my destination by 9pm…Lol


19 thoughts on “Mad Traffic…..

    1. I would too if i could get such Ma’am. I live in the heart of Lagos and there is no way one can escape the terrible traffic situation in the city. I only pray it gets to its barest minimum some day. Thank you Ma’am for sharing with us. How are you doing today?

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  1. i have to deal with the los angeles traffic freeways 5 days a week. so i feel your pain. i drive at least 50 miles one way to work and must leave the house at least 2 hours before i have to be at work. i cant read since i am driving, but i do listen to the radio or cds.

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    1. Thank goodness again I am not the only one 😁😁. The traffic is face daily especially Mondays to Fridays is really terrible. Well, i guess we will be fine. Thank you buddy and it’s really good to hear from you again.


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