How Great Is Our God?….

I don’t think i can ever find an answer to this question, because every time i find an answer, he surprises me with another act that leaves me speechless and in awe.
Just as king David sang in Psalms ” Lord there is no good thing apart from you”, that’s how we can not boast in our lives because we have no life of our own and all we have belongs to God. If we know God is everything then we need to give him the glory he deserves. We need to realise he is the captain if our ships and we can be sure of safety, with no fear of storm not ship wreck.

Our God is great, he is the one who created the whole universe and is never limited by his creation. The only awesome God. Upon creation God gave us the gift of freewill and an option. We are entitled to our own decisions and must also face the consequences of our decisions. God is compassionate, merciful, gracious and abounding in mercy. He is always faithful even in our unfaithfulness.  
In our society today, we are always preoccupied with life and it’s challenges and we forget to think about God and his wonders. Even when we remember, it does not last for long. I think it’s time for us to acknowledge he’s God and he is a good God. It’s time we started thanking him for what he has done, what he’s doing and what he will be doing.

Do you know that the  galaxy…contains over 300 billion stars, and it is one of hundreds of billions of other galaxies in the known universe that God has made?. Isn’t that awesome? The sun on the other hand is a million times the size of the earth. Incase you haven’t noticed, we are worshiping an unrivaled, uncontested God of all kind of might and power and glory and awe! There is none like Him, anywhere in all of creation!” since I was born and now that am getting old i have never seen the righteous forsaken nor their seed begging for bread. I have never seen anywhere in the scriptures where he is said to be weak or perhaps joked about his words. Whatsoever he says he will do, he does so much more. There’s just no failure with him.  Sometimes, trusting isn’t just enough, it’s abiding and believing in him that shows how great he is. 
“As great as he is in power and holiness, it is the greatness of God’s mercy that truly leaves us in awe.”

I love the song “How great is our God by Chris Tomlin.” There are many reasons why i love the song but the most important one is that he laid emphasis on the word “Great” in a simple way but with profound meaning. “How Great Is Our God” turns our attention to the greatness of God. It depicts the greatness, wonders, awesomeness​ of God.  Wondering how great our God is? Well, Our God is great in holiness, he is great in majesty, great in royalty, great in mercies, great in eternity, great in faithfulness, not only is he before and after time, he is in control of everything both great and small. There’s no one like our God, even the psalmist reaffirms this in Exodus 15:11 (KJV)  Who is like unto thee, O LORD, among the gods? who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?

“How Great is our God?????


35 thoughts on “How Great Is Our God?….

  1. I totally agree with your first paragraph on your great post … Or should l say journey as mine began 30 plus years ago when he came to me … And as you say every time we think we know .. We do not as he is truly immutable and charges what we believe … As a a man at a family funeral said this last week we all have pieces of this ladies life and together we make up a picture of who she was … Another of God speaking to me and those that have ears let them hear .. God Bless .. Ian 🙏

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    1. How has your journey being so far? I want to believe you take every step boldly. Every one of us have a piece of each other even after there is a separation. God bless you too Ian for dropping by and sharing with us.

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      1. Thanks for kind comment .. My journey starts with just one step and failure of the past that everyone judged except God .. For everyone it’s different for me it’s amazing, painful, thought provoking and more .. Was your first step the same ? Or did you travel in a different way ?

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        1. Mine was tough and at the time incomprehensible. I could not tell what was happening or who I was. All I knew was that I had God and that became my strength. I stumbled,fell and got up. Falling wasn’t the hard part, it was getting up. With the outstretched hand of God I got up and together we have been through it all. To me it’s all in the power of grace. Thank you for asking, it feels really good sharing with another.

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          1. It’s a pleasure as its a lonely path on earth and not in your ❤️ its always harder getting up and trying again and most people find it difficult to understand … I saw the bright light like Paul and people who do not believe … Ask was it a dream and l had people just turn up at my door after l saw the picture of Christ on the wall and just said today you will become a born again Christian … Then just left … Unless it happens to and in you so many believe you imagined it … But when you know … You just know because you feel it .. God Bless 🙏

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              1. Absolutely and thank you for your insight it’s good to share views as religion in today’s world is getting distorted to suit mans pursuit of power and when the end comes .. I believe it will be as in the beginning was the word … And God not man will say let their be light … Amen ⭐️

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      1. You’re welcome. I’m doing okay. I’m really struggling today. I’ve been around. I’m working a lot. My new home is wonderful. I’m getting settled in. I need a few more things to help me organize things a little better, but I am settling in just fine.

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