Nobody Else…..

​I thought it couldn’t be done

With such beautiful decay, beautiful creatures are every where

I kept running and kept hiding

I was never good at finishing anything I start 

All I wanted was a voice, yet no one would listen

But you caught me and changed everything

You made a difference where nobody else seems to

You gave me a voice louder than mine

Questions and answers to life you got them all

Got me to where I wouldn’t reach

You would go along as long as I was going

You showed me how worthwhile things can be when we earn them

How things can be seen clearly without the tears and in the rain

You showed me it was no use standing along the road when I could go on the ride with you.

There was no need to sit and fantasize or dream about pot of golds nor about the things I would like to have when all the gold and silver belongs to you

You drew me close even when all I wanted was to be far away

Nobody else does it like you do

Nobody else writes it just like you 

With every broken chord you keep making beautiful music

It’s been you all along and nobody else

And showed me what nobody else could show me 


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