Sparkles…Find Yours!

Have you ever hung out with as many friends as you can? Love them, play with them and still feel empty? Then suddenly this particular friend comes along and time suddenly stops. You feel like you’ve known each other all your life. Every thing around you begins to sparkle and your hearts wants to listen to each other over and over again? 

Every body keeps looking for that one thing that makes every other thing complete. Some find it in the word of God, some in their children, some in their career, some in their relationships, some in their friends, some in politics, some in their religion, and some when they fall in love but the twist here is that when we do find this spark we don’t always recognise it until it’s gone because they don’t appear the way we want them, how we want them and when we want them to.

“It’s funny how one person can have the power to change everything in our lives especially when our world revolves around them. It’s also great knowing we can pull anything off with just having them on our mind.”

Growing up i often wondered why my elder ones walked around the house whistling like they just won a lottery every time they went out with the ones they love  Now I know better. It’s the tiny details that leaves sparkles in our lives. We only get that when we don’t give irrevelant people the power to control our lives. The world today has made many of us less caring and less attentive to the plights of others especially​ when its not about us. Sometimes all we need is a little sparkle and everything becomes alright. There’s another side to everyone and everything and i have learned that it’s the tiny details we ignore that makes our lifes sparkle.

I do believe that someday we will walk down the road of our lives and be proud we met the people we did because they made our lives sparkle, I do believe we will find laughter and happiness as we take the path we’ve chosen because we have the support of those that makes our lives sparkle. Find your spark and when you do, be sure to share it with those that made it shine.



24 thoughts on “Sparkles…Find Yours!

  1. sparkle is a smile in the perfect time, weΒ΄re driving in the bright side on the road, unfortunately we arenΒ΄t van morrison and we can be a king for a moment , first great step in order to rosy days…

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  2. “It’s the tiny details that leaves sparkles in our lives. We only get that when we don’t give irrevelant people the power to control our lives…” This was the greatest takeaway, in my opinion.

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    1. Smiles…Gracias Amigo. I’m glad you enjoyed reading the post. Treasure the little things you have and surrounds you for in them you will find your spark. Thank you very much for sharing with us.


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