The Rain….

Growing up i have always fancied walking in the rain, dancing in the rain, and even playing in the rain even though my mother made it clear that bathing in the rain is a very big crime as long as you lived in her house. I still do that, hush now! “Not in the public anyways” “don’t ask me where”. Getting older I have learnt that nothing does the mind better than taking a walk in the rain especially if it’s a light rain, not the one that has been falling in Lagos Nigeria for a while now. 

For every time i was in the rain i always felt some sort of relieve and calmness. The only noise around is the splashing of the water on my head and on the floor. The rustling sound of the wind as it moves the leaves and trees. Every other voice seems to be silenced. And after the rain comes the bright light.

At some point the rain brings calmness to all the craziness that was produced as a result of out busy schedules and lifes. Nothing is more valuable to me than a clear, unfettered mind. I have that now as it rains while I write and i can only wish it keeps raining but that would only make me selfish right? I feel the solitude the rain brings is a blessing, it’s comforting, cooling, the rain drops tickles the skin, eases the pressure of the moment and even solace as well.

To many the rain may not represent anything but to me it reminds me of the uncertainties of life. The fact that nature can not always be predicted no matter how much we try to control or manipulate it.

#writing my thoughts as the rain pours down…#Natures miracle!

45 thoughts on “The Rain….

  1. Being out in a soft rain is amazing. We are so dry here lately that our lawn is turning brown and crispy. We are praying for rain at this point. Love hearing the thunder roll across the sky, and smelling the freshness of rain as it hits the ground. You have brought back some great memories of playing in the rain as a kid!

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    1. Yes it does Ma’am although I haven’t tried taking a walk in the rain and through the woods. I hope to try that someday. Thank you Ma’am for dropping by and sharing with us. It’s very thoughtful of you.


  2. You are a Pluviophile.

    I still remember the last time I bathed in the rain! A distant memory! Now I do not enjoy the feel of rain on my bare skin even though I continue to love the ambience rainfall creates.

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  3. Rain has all sorts of meaning – life, renewal, cleansing There’s the whole latter rain concept that’s connected to Holy Spirit. The High Priest in the temple would pour out living water on the altar as an active prayer for rain.

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  4. Rain a magnificent word and I love rainy days, the sky is crying and the streets are full of tears, we must be humbles and it could be a spellbound therapy when darkest horizon are nearest and all criatures have baddie times.


    1. Smiles… Yesterday it rained so bad and I had to go back and check my calendar if truly we are in the month of September and guess what? We are!…lol. I love the rain too my dear and thank you for sharing with us.


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