What’s Next?..Your Today!.

Last week and this week seems to be the longest week I have had in a long time. There seemed to be so much to be done and 24hrs just isn’t enough anymore. I wished o could take back the hand of time but then “they are only wishes right? Grateful for life and to my toes. Grateful for the mercies of God, they have never been in short supply. 

There’s a popular quote going around the moment; the person you will be in 5 years is based on the books you read, and the people you hang around with today. This is quite true but the truth is, it applies to everything else as well. No matter what holds you back from being creative and making new ideas, you will never enjoy being bored and unproductive. There will always be the thirst for newness and diversity and the reason for this? Because God created us for variety. I do not advocate jumping at every opportunity or ideas that comes along, but I do believe there are times when we need to step out of the ordinary, out of the routine, out of the comfort zone, and into new things. 

The person you will be in the future is based on everything you do TODAY! The people you hang around with, but more so the people you listen to, the opinion you believe, the books you read, the videos you watch, the music you listen to, all the information you take in, positive or negative will affect your future. 

And guess what? The work outs you do and don’t do will show up in the future. The foods you eat today will affect your future on a visual and energy level. The same also applies with your thoughts and information, what you feed your mind with will shape your future. If all you do is take in garbage, you can imagine what will come out of you and what your future will be made of.

Today, i encourage you to commit to feed your mind with successful thoughts and surround yourself with those who have the same ambition. It really doesn’t matter where you get your information from. You may read, get it from the internet, podcasts or even videos. Just make sure you keep feeding your mind every day starting from today. Show some discipline, don’t be like the rest, rather learn more than the rest. Learn to work harder and smarter than the rest. You are unique and wonderfully made.

Do whatever work you have to do today so you can enjoy tomorrow. If you do not feed your mind with success, it will rot with mediocrity. What you do every day will dictate your future and what you want out of life you must put it in. If you want to know God then study more of his word, if you want success, you also have to put it in there. No one is going to hand you success you have to work for it. No one is going to hand you trust, you have to earn it. Whatsoever that is worth doing, is definitely worth doing well. Your actions will equal results. 

Remember your mind is strong, you are strong(stronger than you can imagine). Your thoughts are strong, your beliefs are strong, your life is strong. If they said you can’t, today I want you to believe that you can. If they said you won’t, today you will. Today you can be anything you want to be, there’s nothing you can not be, nothing you can not do, nothing you can not have. In our minds there are no limits to walls we can conquer, why create walls today? 


16 thoughts on “What’s Next?..Your Today!.

        1. I am doing well. I am sorry about your boyfriend and what he’s going through. I will remember him in my prayers. Everything is going to be alright, pls do not despair nor lose hope. Our God can fix anything, that’s his specialty. Have a blessed day.

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    1. Yes, you can reblog it. I will also keep you informed when I’m through with my book. To be honest, I have not attended to it for some time now but I hope to as soon as I can. Thank you for reminding me and for your kind gesture. It means a lot.


  1. Nice entry, we’re thinking about future and sometimes our present is like sand in our hand, when our sand’s in ground… time is wasting and no enjoying moments.
    Future ‘s a magical word and similar to present or past. We living it and knowning health problems or money… could sunk our horizons and dilemmas again. Enjoy every moment future could be a mirage.


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