Conquering Your Fears…

Hi everyone,

It won’t stop raining here but guess what? I am not complaining, although it hurts that I can’t go and get my favorite ice cream for myself and my little ones but that’s OK. At least I’m stuck at home and glued to my TV watching Telemundo. Lol.

I guess i won’t stop writing about “fear”, and that’s because as long as we don’t destroy all of the negatives, fear will never be separated from us. To be honest, most of all my fears can be categorized into two: 1. Fear that i may never get what I need. 2. Fear that i may loose what I have now. Does this sound any familiar? I have discovered that two of the greatest fears we face are criticism and rejection. I accept criticism today as part of the road to success but it wasn’t always so. Every time I did something or created something and anyone wanted to see, i will be tensed and won’t stop worrying what people would say, how it would be perceived, if any of it would be accepted at all. The worst part of it is that my heart will not stop skipping a beat if I am asked about it. As a matter of fact i get really overwhelmed. This fear kept stopping me in my track every time.

Yesterday my supervisor said to me “Whitney if you want to make it in life, then i must learn to accept criticism.” he was saying this holding my seminar proposal and i wasn’t finding it funny(smiles) because it meant i have to review what i have done. But it’s OK, i’m currently working on it again. Criticism and rejections will always be a part of us and if we let them, they can stop us and break us.

Have you noticed how often criticism and rejection decides what’s important for us and what’s not ? For example, we are constantly reminded of how important the rich are and the poor are not. If you buy into this bullshit, you’ll become insecure, resentful and frustrated. You’ll also strive to become what they approve of and thereby miss your true calling in the process. The Bible tells us “the poor will always be amongst us” but it doesn’t mean if you are born poor, you have to die poor. Does it?

Believe me, i know it’s not easy to step out of the boundaries others have created for you. When you do, you’ll face criticism. If they could do the same to our Lord Jesus Christ “Mathew 13:55”, then who are we? Each of us is going to give account of our life to God, and not the life someone asked us to live. It’s wrong to let the opinions of others control you or cause you to miss your destiny and also disobey God.

Sure it’s nice to let others do the driving sometimes, but that puts you at the mercy of their direction and puts you in constant fear. Take control of your life! Get back into the driver’s seat and take the wheel. While you drive, knock down fear and criticism for only you know where God has told you to go. Remember, anybody whoever beat the odds or made a difference, did it in spite of their fear. If they did it, you can!

Dont run anymore! It’s alright now. God has put an arsenal at your disposal “Ephesians 6:13-17”, use it. Faith is your shield my friend, the word of God is your sword and the enemy in his craziest state has no defense against either. Confront your fears, and you’ll discover they have no power over you. God bless you.

23 thoughts on “Conquering Your Fears…

    1. Sometimes when I read your comments, I wish I have wings so I can fly down to your office and tell everyone bothering you not to bother you again by showing them my big trained muscles and reminding them of how precious you are. That notwithstanding, never stop working hard, never stop fighting for what you believe in, never loose hope. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Love you too.

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      1. Thanks Whitney. You have touched my heart. You are the truest friend I have ever had. I know we haven’t met, but you have always stuck by me no matter what and I think that’s awesome. Thank you, thank you so much. I love you right back.

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    1. You are very vise Mahi. You never know how strong you are until you are faced with a life threatening battle. Roar as loud as you can, so your fears know that you are the son of a lion. Thank you for dropping by and commenting. Your words are very kind.


  1. When you get older, you’ll realize the greatest fear is not death, but how you’ll be after a certain age. You’ll realize it’s too late for some things. But the lucky ones will have an epiphany that they will be able to live happily within these boundaries if they dissimilate themselves from what they think is real.

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    1. It’s not easy Ma’am. I am still struggling to let of mine even with my knowledge of how big my God is and the fact that there is 365 fear not in the Bible. Well, Ma’am I encourage myself with these words and I pray it helps you too”The most important thing is never be afraid to take a chance. Always remember the greatest fear and failure is not having the will to try. Don’t quit before the miracle” . Have a blessed & productive day and thank you very much for commenting. It’s been a while. God bless you

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  2. wow great work its indeed inspiring request permission to share. its so helpful to me i know some people who would love to read stuff like this to give them that push as its has done to me .. nice work keep it up more wisdom fall on you


  3. Excellent article Ms. Whitney, I enjoyed the read so I am going to reblog this article for you. I hope that you are able to have a great weekend, stay safe, God bless.


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