Choosing To Enjoy..

Can someone please tell me who invented “Birthday party”? Because I am surely having a hang of it. I haven’t rested since yesterday afternoon. It’s been baking, barbecue, cooking and washing. My good morning yesterday from my kid brother was “Sis, tomorrow is my birthday and it must be perfect”. I reminded him it’s 4am in the morning and he replied ; “I know! But please wake up! Was I angry? I was mortified 😣😣.

It’s 4am and his birthday is tomorrow for the love of God. I didn’t know when I voiced out” who invented birthday celebration? Does he go through the stress i go through every year? I need an answer pleaseeeee.

Well, everyone, today my kid brother add a year to his many years on earth. He’s an amazing kid, God fearing and always optimistic. His strength and will to life is very contagious. There are no sad moments around him. He finds happiness to every sad situation. Micheal will give anything just to see another happy. Saying he’s a happy young man would be an understatement, I think God defined happiness when he created him. Always compassionate, caring and considerate. As you add +1 today Mic, I want you to know that I love you very much and wish above all things that you fulfill your purpose In life and be the man God has created you to be Amen.

I truly enjoy what I do, especially baking and cooking for my loved ones on their birthdays, but it hasn’t always been that way. Years ago, I realized that as much as I loved being with my family, loved ones, writing and motivating people (doing what God has called me to do), I wasn’t really happy. Don’t get me wrong ok. There’s always that feeling of “there’s more I need to do, there’s something I need to fix”, this stuff ain’t just coming out right”. I always found myself thinking this way. I am a hard worker, a perfectionist(my weakness), always focused and thinking of what next needs to be done. All these traits are good but can be dangerous if done extremely and that was my case. It robbed me of every satisfaction and happiness.

I became so focused on where I want to go that I stopped enjoying getting there. I am still focused but I have chosen to enjoy the ride. All it took me was a new mindset, a deliberate effort to enjoy what I am doing, where I am going, staying in the process, and living life in general. Just as you can decide to be unhappy, frustrated and angry, you can also decide to be happy in any situation just like my kid brother Micheal.

We all have moments and seasons when we feel we are not enjoying our lives,. Sometimes, getting past this is simply a matter of telling yourself “I am choosing to be happy and enjoy the moment”. “I will live in the moment”. “I am going to choose to enjoy life while I do anything I find myself doing”.

Have you seen the world lately? There’s so much to be unhappy, concerned and worried about. So, if we are going to enjoy our lives, we will have to do so consciously. Michael, despite the stress and sleepless night you’ve given me concerning your birthday, I am choosing to enjoy this day with you. Keep soaring higher and never grow old. “Happy birthday my darling, God bless your new age.”

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