Live For Others!…

Hi everyone,

My last article was on “one life to live” and you can see more of it here on Today, I will be writing on something similar but also very important. For quite some time now, I haven’t been able to go to church especially on Sundays and on weekdays, I get so preoccupied. Someone very close to me has been down and she requires my attention almost to do everything. At some point I began to feel like I was loosing myself.

Everything seemed like an uphill task when am with her, ‘smiles’, (she can be a pin in the ass). She’s a beautiful soul and I can’t comprehend why she’s going through what she’s going through. I am grateful for my family, they are the best support system any girl could ever ask for. While I watched my girls run around her, trying to cheer her up and play with her, all that kept ringing in my head was”Whitney, you have to live for others!” this kept on repeatedly. I stopped everything I was doing and began to wonder how I’m supposed to live for others and what it truly means and I will be sharing with you what I discovered.

In our quest for success, prosperity, riches, Jesus gives us a new measuring rod and that is to “listen” and “pray”. In the time of Jesus, foot washing was reserved not only for servants, but for the lowest of them all. The servant of the bottom was expected to be the one on his knees with the towel and the basin. What a sight right? But in this case, the one with the basin is Jesus “John 13:12”. Think about it ; the hands that cradled the stars, created the entire universe, now wash away filth. The fingers that formed the mountains, now wipe the feet of crude and native Galilean fishermen. Jesus lived for others.

Hours before his death, his major concern was that his disciples know that in his kingdom, the way up, is down; the way to the top isnt through manipulation, scheming, lies, covetousness nor intelligence but through humility and service to others. David wrote, “Blessed is he that considereth the poor ; the Lord will deliver him in the time of trouble” (psalm 41:1). “My prayers are with the victims of the Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and to all internally displaced persons in Nigeria. You are not alone.”

In psalm 41:1, the word considerations doesn’t just mean thinking about something. No, it means so much more. The dictionary defines it this way: something that you think about when you make a choice or decision” this puts teeth into the agreement. If we do our part, when we’re in trouble, God will be there for us.

In Genesis 12:2, God told Abraham, I will bless thee…and thou shalt be a blessing “. When God blesses us, he expects us to be a channel of blessing to others but if your motive is otherwise, then don’t expect his help. Our Lord Jesus admonishes us to love our enemies, they should bring out the best in us and not the worst. When someone gives you a hard time, respond with the positive energy of prayer for that person. No more tit – for- tat and above all we should live generously. Come to think of it; if we only help those who helps us, do we expect to get a medal? Just asking!

Love and expect nothing in return. Give even when you know they would never say thanks. Forgive even though they may never forgive you in return. Come early, stay late and invest in lifes even though nobody notices. If you think some people are just naturally more loving than others, then my friend think again. I have learned that you can not love someone while staring into the mirror and you can’t give anything while you are still clinging to what you’ve got. Believe me, love will cost you your time, money, and even your preoccupation with yourself but it’s always worth it in the long run.

Remember, there are no pre-packaged saints anywhere and no “add-and-stir” formula that makes God’s love to gush forth and if you are waiting for the love of God to suddenly envelop you like a cloud and turn you into some sort of floating, divine being, who just goes through life doing wonderful, loving things for others, you will have to wait till eternity.

I love the story of Napoleon. Why? Because of the lesson it teaches. Napoleon conquered the world, yet when he died in exile on the island of St. Helena, he was forsaken by all who knew him best. His wife went back to her father. His best friend deserted him without saying goodbye. Two of his most trusted marshals openly insulted him and left. Why? Because he was totally self centered: everyone around him felt used and never appreciated. This is a lesson to you who think, “I don’t need others “.

If you achieve your goals but loose the people who matter the most, what have you gained? It’s time to wake up! Nail your world to the cross and make others your priority!. Start learning to live not just for yourself but for others as well. God bless you.

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