Promises.. Meant To Be Broken?

Making promises under pressure always seems very easy to do. It’s even easier if the promises we are making is for a favor. Nevertheless, if you want people to trust you, confide in you, then you must learn to keep your promises. Many atimes, we brush off small promises saying “she’ll understand”, “I had no choice”. Today, we break our promises without even giving it a thought. The moment someone hurts us, betrays us, we forget the promises we made to them. I know sometimes it can be frustrating to keep the secrets of someone who has a licking mouth when it comes to your our own secrets but is that enough justification for us to break our words?

Words are powerful, they can break even the strongest of man. They have the potent of being good or bad in the wrong hands. The person you are divulging that secret to can he or she be trusted? My dad would say “you know a man by the way he keeps his words “. Our society today has made it so difficult for anyone to trust anyone much less telling them their secrets. Lies are celebrated than the truth and so, many promises are being broken daily. Are there no trust worthy people around anymore?

As humans we are expected to communicate with our fellow man so we don’t go into extinction. No one is an island, we need each other to survive. Rather than helping each other survive, we are destroying one another through our communication. Nations are rising above nations, insurgencies every where,hunger and starvation becoming affordable, diseases and sicknesses spreading like wild fire all because we failed to communicate the right information but rather chose to communicate wrong words that only gets misunderstood, but also destroys.

If we had stopped for a minute and thought about what we want to say, perhaps the world would be different from what we know of it today. Trust would be easy to find, marriages will remain unbroken, relationship will still be steady, children would be able to relate freely with their parents, teachers, friends, our teachers in school can be easily confided in, our youths would be less rebellious.

The need to keep our words and promises can never be over-emphasized. Our words defines who we are and what we are. It’s very easy to tell someone “I’m on my way when you’ve barely even showered” if this is done repeatedly, no one will take you for your word and this singular act has just defined who you are. Even if you do change tomorrow, it will take a ship landing at the airport for anyone to believe you again.

If you must speak at all speak positively and speak words that you can keep defend. Before you break any promise at all ask yourself :”do I need to speak?”, “the person I’m speaking to, does he or she deserve to know”?, “if these words get out, would it destroy the person in question”?. If yes, then you really don’t have to speak. You are only as good as your word.

For every time we keep our word, we not only respect ourselves, we also respect others and we all know that respect is reciprocal. Aside from keeping promises we make to others how about keeping promises we made to ourselves? Oftentimes, I hear people make new year resolutions like; I won’t smoke anymore, I won’t drink anymore, no more corrupt practises, no cheating on my partner, no lying, no fighting ect but before January 30th,all these promises becomes a thing of the past. They find themselves struggling to keep them. I often tell my little ones and people around me, never to make promises they can’t keep and never say never.

If you can not respect the promises you make to yourself, you may never be able to respect the promises you make to others people “you can’t refill from an empty glass”.

Strike a balance today, keep your promises at work, home, school, relationships, marriage ect. If you must break them, think about it seriously before you do.

11 thoughts on “Promises.. Meant To Be Broken?

    1. Hi Grace. Yes our God is great and he is ever faithful. He honors his words more than his name. We can’t be perfect but for every promise we make, we must try to keep them. Thanks for sharing dear.


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