Just Words!

I have had girly childhood crushes on you
I have told you my name and I know yours already
But that shouldn’t be all
I am drawn to you anytime I see you and I can’t help myself
Reading you is like reading harlequin romance
This are just words and I didn’t ask for love
I know how I feel about you, do you?
I can’t comprehend what’s happening in my life
And now, I’m stuck with so many words in my mind that are yet unspoken.

I thought I was dreaming when I saw you the first time
I didn’t know what to say
Words became elusive
Do I say something or do I not?
You wanted me to be the one to start the race
Guess I’m not good with running
I have had my fill of you
Read enough to know now that I can’t be yours
You may not be as perfect as a god
But you are perfect to me
Is there any hearers of my tale?
Can you even see me?
I guess not!
These are just words…

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