Cover It Up!

“I have to tell him his fault!”, “How could she do this?”, “Who do they think they are to speak to me like that?”, “You can’t speak to me in no kind of way“. There’s always the urge to reprimand people of their wrongs done to us. As humans we always want us prove our rights especially when we feel the person oppressing us is subordinate to us. No one loves injustice, neither do I and if you belong to my school of thought then we are same.

But sometimes, the best way to deal with an offense or with something that gets on our nerves is simply to overlook it. If we insist on calling every mistake to people’s attention, then we are not being merciful nor gracious and we become nags. You must have all heard the famous Bible passage that says “Love covers multitude of sins in 1 Peter 4:8.

I want to emphasize that no one is perfect, we are all striving towards perfection. We are have bad habits that we are struggling with, turning a blind eye to our weaknesses and becoming judges to the faults of others is not wise. Our fleshly natures enjoy telling people what they have done wrong and how we have fixed it or want to fix it for them.

My girl has the habit of not drying her body after bathing and she rushes out of the bathroom full of smiles like nothing is wrong. I keep chasing her around the house to clean up and of course, the whole floor gets wet, leaving me to mop after her. Doing this every day got me frustrated and it got to a point I told myself “Whitney, just cover it up and let it go”. The best way for me to handle my girls funny habit of not drying up after bathing was to ignore her and let her do her thing and stop chasing her around the house. I am not ready to dislocate my waist chasing my little girl(LOL) . I am sure one day, there will be a fault of mine that I will need her to cover for me. Presently I am not even perfect and I’m pretty sure she sees that.

In relationships, marriages, we need to cover each other’s mistakes and yes, not all mistakes should be covered especially when they are toxic and life threatening. There are times when situations need to be confronted and resolved, there are also times when people are busy or rushed and they simply need us to step in and do what they unintentionally left undone. We need to do these things without feeling we must rub it on their faces every day.

I personally don’t like it when you repeat my mistakes to me every day. I appreciate the times people cover my mistakes without me knowing. Remember; love covers every wrong and that includes every irritating thing like “leaving the socks on the floor” “leaving the toothpaste cover open”, “not flushing the toilet”, “refusing to make the bed”, “leaving the dishes in the sink unwashed”, “not turning the coffee maker off” and so on and so forth.

So, before you point out their faults, remember you have your too. Start sowing the seed of love and when someone does something wrong to you, forgive them and cover it up. God is love….

30 thoughts on “Cover It Up!

  1. is very profound.. I don’t like injustice. But I always find myself disagreeing with people who say things like: “I say it as it is doing me..”, “I don’t hide my mouth, I say it oha”, etc. And so every little thing that could be ignored or quietly dealt with gets blown up.
    Thanks for sharing your words with us.
    Best regards.

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    1. That right dear Grace. Some people just do not know when and how to let go or cover things up. People like that makes you live under pressure every day and it’s a toxic way to live.
      Thank you very much for dropping by and commenting.


  2. Hello Whitney,

    great post. The first lesson I learned in law school is “Justice is blind”. No one is perfect, you are right. I believe that we must have an open mind, because we will be ready then to take a critic and to change something in our behavior 🙂

    Thank you

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  3. Hey Whitney i love your way of dealing with issues that need changing in others lives by pointing out your own flaws n need for grace. That’s the way we should always be but it’s easy for us to lose our cool in the heat of the moment and say things we regret later on forgetting we are all works in progress who have limitless amounts of lessons to learn from each other. please make a post about the fulani herdsmen attacking christians in your beautiful country. I know you care about social justice. you are a reflection of His righteousness 😀

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    1. You are very kind with your words my dear. Indeed we are all works in progress and at all time we need the grace of God to enable us be in charge of our emotions no matter what. As to writing a post about the fulani herds men killings, I would look into it.
      Thank you for dropping by and sharing. I truly appreciate it.


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