Follow Your Dream!

There is one thing that we do free of charge without any one’s consent and that is to dream. The question is not can you dream, but do you have the courage to follow it and act on it? If faith without work is dead, then dream without diligence is as good as dead. God loves dreamers, let’s look at the likes of Joseph. He was a dreamer but he wasn’t just a dreamer who loved to dream. He acted upon it by telling his siblings. He believed that one day he was going to rule over his siblings. Speaking it out already showed that he was willing and ready to live his dream, although that was quite risky. He didn’t know how that was going to happen but he believed God. Of course we all know the rest of the story “Genesis 37:1-end.

Many of us have a dream, passion for something we love but we are so scared to act on it. For fear of being laughed at, mocked or scorned. Yes, I know a wise man once said” Never share your big dreams and ideas with people, nothing is more disastrous than that “, “Not everyone would be as lucky as Joseph”. I’m not asking you to share it with the whole world. Talk to God about it, he gave it to you in the first place. Right after that, go ahead and do something.

God is the giver of new dreams and the mender of broken ones. I have seen people with broken dreams, get fixed and living their dreams again. If he did it before, he can do it again but you must understand that He won’t miraculously lift you out of your dream and set you down in the middle of its fulfillment. Remember the children of Israel dreamed of The Promised Land, but the only way to get there was through the wilderness. There they learned to : trust God daily for everything they needed; discover his power and might; learn how to be led by him; keep their eyes on their destiny and move steadily towards it; to control their murmuring and complains.

Thoreau said, “It’s fine to build castles in the air, so long as you work to put foundations under them.” When you begin to pursue your dream, somebody will always emerge to try and steal it. Oftentimes, it’ll always be someone who never had a dream of their own, or if they did, they abandoned it. It could even be a family member, who constantly reminds you of what God couldn’t do or wouldn’t do through you and for you.

What do you dream about? What has God enabled you to see, which does not exist and which seems impossible? You’ll never out dream God. Listen, our God can do a whole lot more than you can ever imagine, guess or request. Trust him, keep your dream alive and follow it.

Happy week everyone… Stay blessed and fruitful.

37 thoughts on “Follow Your Dream!

    1. Thanks Ben for stopping by and you are right it’s not always easy to discover ones dream. Amongst the many quote I live by, one of them is ; A man’s desire is never far from his calling. It may be opaque but believe me, it will show forth some day. The problem is when it does show up, we are usually chasing someone else’s dream.
      It’s always a pleasure having you here. Thank you for sharing with us.


    1. Thank you very much Ma’am for dropping by. You are right and very wise for telling your sons that. Just as it is difficult to steer a parked car, so it is to achieve anything without first dreaming of it. I appreciate your response.

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    1. There’s no greater joy than the joy of knowing you are living your dream. I’m glad to hear how things turned around for you. Sometimes when God wants to move us to the next level, he makes where we are presently dangerous and oftentimes uncomfortable for us. Continue to bask in the riches of the Lord and thank you for dropping by and commenting.


    1. You are most welcome dear Nicole. It’s OK to fall but do get up, it’s OK to cry but do laugh when you can but it’s never OK to give up especially on your dreams. It may tarry but it will surely come to pass. Thank you for dropping by and commenting.


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