Unveiling Our Heritage…

God expects our spirit to be functional at all times. Walk in eyes, walk in ears, walk in divine health, strength in all part of our body, are all part of our package in Christ. Failure to receive this package from God, lies in our weakness to believe him “1 Corinthians 11:30 For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep.”

The price for our total health has been fully paid and only awaits our signature for delivery but sadly today many of us still walk in sicknesses , pains, afflictions of all kind. One way or the other we have chosen not to believe and of course there are many intervening factors responsible.

When I was little, my Godmother had a way of pacifying my younger brother to take his meds any time he fell sick. She would say “The Angel of God is here now with a tray of your favorite meal and your medication but you can only get better if you take the meal and your medication and believe you are healed after taking them.” My younger brother hates medication, they scare the living day light out of him especially when it comes to taking injections. It would take the entire family holding him down before he takes it.

Now! My brother hated medication, but the fact that my godmother told him an angel was bringing his healing lifted his spirit. He hasn’t seen the tray yet, but I remember the joy on his face when he heard the news. He believed that once the angel gets here, he will be healed. He quickly got up and even my godmother was surprised and asked him “Where are you going to? He replied” To shower before the angel gets here. I know God is sending him”. He just believed! My parents may not have been the richest but they sure gave us the best they had and one of it was “bringing us up in the fear of the Lord and faith in God”.

As little as he was, he knew faith was going to get him healed and indeed he got his healing. This is the attitude God expects from every one of us. All we need to do is believe his Word. “For who the son of man sets free is free indeed. John 8:36”. Every time we believe by expressing our faith, we commit God’s integrity into stretching forth his hand to confirm his word. Everyone who desires healing from Jesus must answer the faith question.

Our faith is the only authentic signature for the courier angels to deliver our package of healing. The healing of the blind men in Matthew 9:28, shows how much of our faith is needed when it comes to our healing. We are healed according to the level of our faith. One of my quotes I live by “If you can’t believe it, then you can’t achieve it” is always applied to my faith. I tell myself if I don’t believe God can, then he won’t come through. If you know your faith won’t carry you not taking your medication to be healed, then please take your medication and believe God to heal you through them but if you know your faith level is strong then wait on him and trust him completely for your healing without wavering. Don’t foolishly follow others and operate at the level of their faith.

God deals with us according to the level of our faith and not according to the faith of our pastor, brother, sister or even our parents. The best way to relate with God when it comes to faith, is to always go back to our familiar grounds. Ask yourself has God healed me of this before? Has God healed me of any illness at all? Has he ever failed me or anyone I know? Did he come through for me on anything before? If yes, then trust him to do it again.

Most times we wait on God to heal us the way he healed Mr A and it’s not always the best. Our God is a mysterious God who specializes in doing wonders. You can’t expect a God who does wonders to continually repeat his act in a particular way so you know he’s still God. He loves to diversify, that’s why his ways are not our ways. The way he heals Mr A will be completely different from the way he heals Mr B. Always go back to your familiar ground, stay there and remind him of his words. He honors his words more than his name.

Faith is the only one true shot to receiving anything from God. It’s never easy to have faith in him especially when everything keeps falling apart, doctors says go home there’s nothing more we can do, families and friends give up on you. If you are still alive, it’s because God hasn’t given up on you yet, so you mustn’t give up on him either. He always pulls through for those who trust him. Just as you need the car keys to start the car and for it to take you any where you desire, that’s how you need faith to kick start your healing and unveil your heritage of divine health.

As a covenant child of God, what afflicts others is not permitted to afflict you in Jesus name Amen”.

11 thoughts on “Unveiling Our Heritage…

  1. Awesome, inspiring and breathtaking word Whitney.. I love the messages God is unveiling through you
    Dear Lord Jesus, I pray with trust and belief in u that your divine favour be upon her and that u may satisfy the needs of her heart in Jesus name

    Liked by 1 person

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