How Much More?…

All over the world today, so much emphasis is being placed on money, wealth, possessions, clothes, luxury cars, accessories, status, and other material things. It’s OK to live happily, fruitful and prosperous but how much of the things we desire to have do we really need? Many aspects of everyday life have fallen prey to commercialisation and of course societies have assign great value to worldly success and provisions and everyday we look forward to messages about “how to earn more, more and more”.

Personally, I am not sure “more” is the problem but “how much more”. I do not believe that more possessions are the solution to people’s problems. In Lagos today, men, women, boys and girls are so busy trying to acquire more- more money, more stuff more anything that they practically may not even need. Less value is placed on their lives, health, and rest.

People rarely have time for each other anymore. Smart phones are becoming men’s companion in place of humans. Years back people used to care about each other but today such care is gradually watered down. Life has become so complicated and so driven, often by the pursuit of money and possessions, a pursuit that will leave us empty and unfulfilled if we are not careful.

Timothy 6:7 reminds us of the fact that we brought not into this world and obviously we cannot take anything out of the world. As we begin to develop a healthy perspective on possessions and finances, we must understand that we will not be able to carry anything with us when we pass on. The wealth we have on earth are for us to enjoy and use to bless others. They are not to make us feel superior to others, to hoard and protect or to show off. Every gift and blessings God gives to us is given for a reason. We are not to love money, material possessions more than ourselves, God and our fellow human beings.

I love nice things and I am grateful for the things I have but I gracefully make conscious efforts not to love them more than I ought to. I remind myself that where a man’s treasure is, there his heart will be and I don’t want my heart to constantly be in material things. In this day and age where greed is the order of the day, we must make conscious effort to be content and grateful for the things we have in our lives. They may not be the best but the truth is, sometimes to get what you want the most in life, you have to do what you want the least and that is to be grateful when what you have is just not good enough. There’s this slang that is commonly used in Lagos which is “OH boy that house fine die” “I fit die for that car, I swear”. Now whenever these words are being used, they sound funny and you end up smiling, if not laughing but the heart of man is very deep. If you can think anything, you can achieve it for that’s the power of the mind. The young man who says this, if he is not principled nor disciplined, and is asked to do anything irrational to get the car he desires, would do it. Remember he once said, “I fit die for that car”. He has told you how far he’s willing to go to get his dream car. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

There’s nothing in this world that is really worth dieing for. If there’s anything to pay for, Jesus Christ had paid it all, we’ve got nothing else to pay for. For I believe when he said “it’s finished ” on the cross, He meant it!. We’ve got to pay attention to what’s going on in our mind and with our desires. God doesn’t mind our having things so long as the things we have don’t have us. He’s not opposed to us having money or possessions but it’s the love of money that gets us into trouble that he doesn’t like. If we focus on being thankful to God for the things we have and for meeting our needs, if we keep our mind on him, we will be blessed and the desire to have “much more” will be curbed.

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