Our Will vs God’s will..

There’s nothing God can not set you free from except it’s something you have refused to let go. To unlock the door of your future you must first lock the doors of the past. How often do we really pray for God’s will to be done? This is a tough one right? For even when we say “Lord, your will be done“, we only say it for saying sake and to fulfill all righteousness. For in the deepest part of our hearts, we really do not want his will to be done. The implications of saying “Lord, your will should be done”, is that we are telling the Lord, to have his way, we are telling him to attend to us at his own time. We are telling him we trust his judgment and we are willing to wait. Is this always the case?

Don’t we at some point doubt what we trust in God’s care to be safe? Have you seen the way we pray sometimes? We first start with naming and stating what we want and how we want it before we come down to.. Lord let your will be done. We have just told him that we want him to do our Will before he does his. Don’t we get upset that God delays his judgments upon the people that treated us unjustly? Don’t we subconsciously say “God takes time, I need answers now!. Every time I listen to Juanita Bynum’song titled” I don’t mind waiting on the Lord”, I try to imagine the level of faith she exercised for 20 years she was going through afflictions. How she trusted God and chose to wait on him for all those years. It takes crazy crazy faith to wait on the Lord and have his will done. Considering the fact that his ways are not our ways and a thousand years are but a day in his eyes.

“Faith is the evidence of things hoped for and the assurance of things not seen, Hebrew 11:1”. We are expected to have faith in God even when we don’t understand what he’s doing but we prefer to have him tell us what he plans to do first then we cross-check with our own calendar and plans to know if it will suit us or not then decide on whether to trust him or not. We end up embracing darkness before choosing to come into the light and oftentimes we don’t always realize we’ve drifted so far away until it’s too late. As humans, the spirit is always ready but the flesh is weak because there is constant battle between the two. It always appears impossible to complete trust God and not know his plan for your life when you want to but imagine God constantly showing the accidents he saves you from before they happen, you are bound to be overwhelmed and scared of leaving your house the next day..

A wise man once gave a story of his 2 year old daughter who loved to cry for everything. One day she indicated that she was hungry and he went to prepare the meal. He was still preparing the food when his daughter started to roll on the floor crying profusely and asking the father to give her the food like that. The father tried explaining that the food wasn’t ready and it’s still in its raw stage. The little toddler refused to listen and kept wailing. The father decided to ignore her and have his way, when she saw the father wasn’t paying attention to her, she stopped crying and sad quietly but very sad. When the food became ready he gave it to her, and she flashed that innocent smile that makes you forget you just had a bad day. The little girl forgot that minutes ago she was so sad, impatient about wanting his father to have his way”. This is the way it is with us and God. We are always impatient when we want something and he’s asking us to wait. We always want to have our way and when he doesn’t respond, we begin to question our faith and his love for us.

Sometimes we get so angry that we stop to pray, we don’t reference him anymore, we don’t read our Bible no more and as a matter of fact we loose faith in his words. All these has never stopped God for doing what he says he will do and at his own time. He still remains God and we end up coming back to him. So why not let his will be done? To you, he may be late but when he shows up, he’s always on time and you forget you even waited! Jesus submitted to God’s will even when he felt like he couldn’t go on and he came out victorious.

If all we desire is seeking the kingdom of God, allowing him do his will becomes easier. Most of the things we try to control, stresses us out and leaves us more confused than we were. God’s will for our lives has direction and purpose. It’s time to let go of playing God and start allowing his will over ours. Very few things are our job and one of them is to seek his will at all times.

9 thoughts on “Our Will vs God’s will..

  1. You are so right, even I am in a state which you mentioned in this post. Yes some things on my life presently are not going as the way I want them too, and I am so disappointed because of it, that I have completely overlooked some great things that are happening with me. I started questioning God and wishing bad things for those people who I thought bought this upon me, but then I realized that I have to wait and believe in my faith towards My Lord.
    He has till now blessed me with the best life and just one setback or a single disappointment must be a part of his grand plan for me.
    So thanks a lot, this post means a lot to me. It completely resembles my present situation.
    Lovely post. 😊😊

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