Meditating On The Truth!

How are we to do this? With so many inconsistencies and irregularities in life? So many thoughts and ideas are running through my head and mind as I write this. How can we humans turn our knowledge about God into knowledge of God? Is there a rule for doing this? Yes there is and it is simple. We have to turn each and every truth we learn about God into a matter for meditation before him, leading to prayer and praise to God. This may not be easy to do but it is possible. There’s always a familiar ground we can turn to when it comes to understanding the truth about God. We need to find it and use it.

We have some idea, perhaps, what prayer is, but what is meditation? Christians and believers suffer greatly their ignorance of the practice. Meditation according to Merriam Webster dictionary is: the act or process of spending time in quiet thoughts or an expression of a person‘s thoughts on something. Meditation is the activity of calling to mind, and thinking over, and dwelling on, applying to oneself, the various things that one knows about works and ways and purposes, promises about God.

It is an activity of holy thoughts, that can not be entered into with carnality. It is consciously performed in the presence of God and the holy spirit by the help of God as a means of communication with God. It’s purpose is to clear one’s mental and spiritual vision of God, and to let his truth make its full and proper impact on one’s mind and heart. It’s a matter of talking to oneself about God and oneself. I often consider it a matter of arguing with oneself, crying in between, reasoning oneself out of moods of doubt and unbelief into a clear apprehension of God’s power and grace.

But guess what? It’s effect is ever to humble us, we contemplate God’s greatness and glory, and our own little essential and sinfulness, and to encourage and reassure us, comfort us in the old, strong, Bible sense of the word, as we contemplate the unsearchable riches of divine mercy displayed in the Lord Jesus Christ. These words were spoken over a century ago by C. H. Spurgeon but yet they still live and remains the truth.

A man who often thinks of God, will have a larger mind than a man who simply questions everything. It is my earnest desire that our knowledge of God increases and with it our peace of mind, strength and joy. That we all may know the truth “know the Lord”.

How often do we meditate on the truth?

Inspired by the holy spirit from the works of J. I. Packer, a man whose works I respect and admire.

21 thoughts on “Meditating On The Truth!

  1. This post really made me realize that I have to change my perspective on God in the sense that I’m constantly praying for change in my life, but that I have to be patient and wait. “A man who often thinks of God, will have a larger mind than a man who simply questions everything.” This line stood out to me. I don’t question his existence, just his plan for me. I find it easy to do so because of the pain and sorrow that I feel. Why me? I often ask. But I have to step back and look at the picture and realize everything happened for the grace of God’s plan.

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    1. My beloved sister, all things works together for good to them that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose. The bigger the struggle, the bigger the testimony. I often tell my little ones, when you find yourselves in difficult situations, just know that God is keeping you busy because he’s working on the simple and easy things for you to enjoy and he doesn’t need your distraction. Every time I say this, they smile and forget they were in any pain(I say it to make them smile). The truth is we are never alone in anything we feel we are going through. God never forgets his own, even when he’s silent, he’s speaking and working things out for our good even though we may not be able to see it or understand. Everything he does for us, are intentionally for us and for his glory.
      All we need to do is trust him. What you are going through now dear may not be good to you but it is good for you because you are not alone. He loves you so much and concerned about you. Thank you for dropping by and commenting. I truly appreciate it.

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  2. Thank you for your blessed posts. 🙂 Hope you find some time to keep reading my story, too.

    Would you consider recommending my blog to your readers/followers?

    They would have a chance of reading a blog still in the process of being written – and a woman rediscovered.

    Have a great November! X 🙂

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    1. Of course I would dear Ann. I would reblog your post if it’s OK with you, that way I get it across to so many people. I’m sure it will bless the lives of any that reads it.
      Thank you for dropping by and commenting. Have a fulfilling November.

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        1. It’s people’s way of saying or expressing how they perceived your work. Each star represents their opinions and views. It’s also a systematic way of assigning numbers or scores to my work only that the numbers are represented by stars. Hope it’s clear enough my dear. If it’s not, please reach via this channel : Thank you very much for dropping by.

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  3. I like what you said: It’s a matter of talking with oneself about God.” This is so true. Sometimes I’ll read passages in the Bible and then just sit and quietly think on what I just read and “talk to myself” about what the passage meant and what it means to my life directly (how I can apply it)! Awesome post!

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