Stop Worrying!…

Stop Worrying? Stop worrying about me? Why are you worrying yourself? (not sure if the sentence is correct anyways ).. But we are familiar with the words right? Of course we are. If you are sure you haven’t worried about anything in your life, then please don’t read further but if you have, like I have (smiles) then continue…

Worry makes a great deal of unhappiness in the world, and does a great deal of harm. Jesus says, too, that we need never to be anxious about anything. He gives reasons, also, why we should not be. We need not worry about food and raiment. God feeds the birds, and His children are more value than His birds. He clothes the lilies in matchless beauty, and we are certainly dearer to Him than the loveliest flowers.

Seek not ye what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink. – Luke 12:29

Worry does not take away the things which trouble us. It unfits us for the best service. If our brain is feverish through anxiety, and our hand unsteady, we cannot do anything well. If we are really God’s children, we need not give ourselves any concern about the things we need. All we have to do is to seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness – that is, do our simple duty, as it is made known to us – and then God will take care of us. We often concern ourselves about God’s care of us, while we neglect our duty to Him.

There will always be health issues, money palava (in pidgin English), family crisis, career unsettlements, dream chasing and many others as long as we are humans. Our job is not to sit down and worry over any of them because truthfully speaking, we cannot handle any one of them on our own. But too often we worry needlessly about these things. We do not know how to let go and let God. We rather prefer to project the future, dwell on the past, increase our blood pressure and blame God incessantly.

I have learned that worrying is nothing but a waste of precious time and energy. Every time I worry I have this pressing headache that won’t go away and then I ask myself why worry then, if it only makes me sick? Immediately I stop to worry the headache goes away and peace beyond my understanding steps in. If only we know the harm we do to ourselves every time we worry, then we would seize from it.

Worrying stops us from living in the presence, we loose ourselves in the process and existing becomes the only choice we have left. Living becomes painful, empty, sorrowful, and numb. It steals every joy you’ve got and robs you of your peace of mind. I used to think exercising was exhausting until I started to worry then I realized nothing is more exhausting and wears you out than worrying (try it out and see.. I’m joking ok).

So, if you’ve got any issues bothering you and it’s something you can fix, fix it and move on but if it’s beyond you, pray about it and let it be. Remember, we serve a God who knows everything about anything. Don’t allow your challenges seclude you from your loved ones and dampen your faith. Your faith is the one true shot you have to communicating and to receive from God. We really don’t have the power to change much, do we?


15 thoughts on “Stop Worrying!…

  1. I love it. This is such a big part of me. A lot of depression and especially my anxiety comes from. I hate to worry. It doesn’t help that my mom is a worry wart, but I’ve learned to take each day as it comes. If I’m having a good day then I don’t worry as much. I hope to be delivered from this, but I don’t think it will happen. Thanks for sharing. I love this!

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