Good Music…

Please, tell me, is every one meant to sing? I thought singing was done out of inspiration or as a result of one’s encounter at various stage in life and needed to share the experience? The song I’m listening to right now is so annoying, I can’t make anything out of what the person is saying. There’s so much profanity and yet no meaningful message is passed across. It’s almost as if the lyrics were written when the person was drunk but yet again drunk men don’t tell no tales right?

Music is life, (even our God has millions of angels singing his praise and glory every second Revelation 5:8-11, God inhabits the Praises of his people Psalm 22:3″.) But this isn’t the case today. Good music is not so easy to come by anymore. I didn’t think I would be writing today, so much work load on my table but I just couldn’t help it, especially after listening to this annoying song right now. Whatever happened to good music?

I miss those good old days and the musics that came with it. I grew up to songs like “You spin me around, Should I stay or should I go, Tango in the night, White lines, With or without you, There’s a light that never goes out, Time after time, Love has come around, Good name, When you say nothing at all, Micheal Bolton, Paula Abdul, Tony page, Wilson Phillips, Elton John, Bebe&Cece Winans, James Cleveland, Wayne Watson, Micheal Smith, Paul Smith, Tim Sheppard, Lenny LeBlanc, Whitney Houston, vanilla ice and many others I can’t remember right now, songs that makes you forget how bad the world is and makes you remember how beautiful love is.

No matter how sad my dad was, he becomes happy just listening to his collections. I grew up to appreciate good music with lyrics that speaks volumes and sends messages. Our generation today don’t seem to appreciate good music,I may be wrong but the type of musics produced lately has proved me right. If the song isn’t noisy, filled with profanity, nudity, then it won’t be considered a good music.

“My dad had these tracks and though I was too young to understand the lyrics, I knew they were good songs because my dad was always happy playing them(and you dared not touch any of his records, that day you will go to bed with an empty tummy LOL).

There’s no doubt that listening to your favorite music can put you in a good mood but what happens when you listen to a music that’s so annoying. I mean there are some songs you listen to and you ask yourself “Nah by force to sing? In Lagos slang”. Some songs are not meant to be produced, some are not inspiring nor motivating, listening to them leaves your head banging like you’ve been hit by a thunder bolt.

I love good music so much so that when I was in college, I used my school fees to purchase an mp3 music player(yeah, I did), I was so addicted and you just can’t detach me from my ipod. Especially musics that are slow, when I listen to them I realize that my heartbeat slows down, the tension on the muscles around my neck reduces, I smile more especially when the lyrics is addressing issues I am facing at the moment, and of course I breathe slowly and relax.

Music is very important for our physical and emotional well-being. It has a way of relieving us from the stress of the day, anger, pain, makes our workouts easier and better. Oftentimes when we find it difficult to express some words, good music steps in and it affects everything we do. We find out that we dress, act and speak like the music we listen to. That’s the more reason we can’t afford to listen to kind of music for listening sake.

There are different types of music that suits your style no matter who you are and what you are into. We’ve got gospel, punk, gangster, R&B, Rap, Jazz, Country music, Reggae, ect and even when you are yet to decide on what you like, your friends, the environment you live in, surely does have a way of influencing you to like what they like.

As individuals, parents, wards, guardians, we’ve got to watch out for the kind of songs our children listens to or are exposed to. It’s true we can’t follow them everywhere they go or stalk them but we can influence their decisions by educating them on the pros and cons of listening to good and vain music.

46 thoughts on “Good Music…

  1. Music is subjective. We all belive we listen to good music, but what you like may not be any of my favs. My mom used to tell me my music was just noise and she couldn’t understand the lyrics. She was a Frank Sinatra , Dean Martin, Bing Cosby fan. I find myself saying the same thing about the music today that my mom said about mine. Profanity is just not music nor do I find lyrics that promote violence as art. It’s just a different world.

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    1. Thank you very much Ma’am for dropping by and yes you are right. Come to think of it, the music I say I don’t like is being listened to and celebrated by others. I find it as nice and they find it soothing. How ironic life is! Nevertheless, I do no support violence and profanity in music.
      It’s very thoughtful of you to drop by and share your thoughts with us.


  2. My dear 🙂 perhaps you’re growing… and the music you listened to yesterday reflects your thoughts no more. The music you listed is the commercial music tailored to teenagers. Most often it has been thought to satisfy the urge of young people, to satisfy the belly feeling rather than the mind feeling. And so on.
    I think music is the language of gods, but not the music of television and radio.
    Music must be inspired, You need something to tell and this could not be expressed by words.
    This is my opinion about what is “good” music.

    Try to purchase a music keyboard, then start to press a key and listen to what comes it out.
    And listen. Let your ears be fullfilled by the sound.

    Keeping the key pressed, let you press another key, and try to understand if the two sounds go well together or you need to press another key. Try this until you’ll find a good harmony.

    After that, try using three keys and then with four keys and so on.

    You’ll discover the language of God.

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    1. Smiles…. Thank you Cormi your words are really kind and also for dropping by and commenting but the truth is the songs I listed not all are commercially tailored for teenagers like you stated. Cece, James Cleveland, Donnie mcclurkin, ect are not tailored for teenagers. The lyrics in the songs are humbling, soul lifting and honors God. Also I stated that I grew up to know good music because my dad had amazing collections, it doesn’t not necessarily mean they are the only songs I listen to. Yes, some songs can be gratifying to the flesh only and harmful too.
      I will look out for your humble suggestions and look forward to learning more from it.


      1. I didn’t want to criticize your music, but only those I always listen to the radio and television of my country.
        Here’s to you an intimate sound. Use it as for a poem, a thought, an intimate prayer recorded with it, and all you need to strengthen your feeling.
        Please accept it as a gift, dedicated to a person who wants to make better people.

        Roman Emperor Iulianus wrote: -It has more value one who makes a better person than all who conquer people and defeat enemies in fight and battle.-


  3. Music is awesome. It’s a great way for the soul to heal and to be cleansed. Sometimes your soul needs it just as much as your heart and minds does. Music has helped me so much in the past couple of years, but in the past couple of months and especially in the last few weeks music has helped me through some really hard times. There’s nothing wrong with some good old music. Music is healing. It’s awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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  4.’s a beauty I must confess, the way you refer to music. I too am a lover of music, but a different kind; I love every kind of music, because I see music as a message from the soul to another soul. When music doesn’t reach you, it means that music isn’t for your soul, and if you decide to listen to music with your ears and not your soul, the message won’t get you. Any music that’s meant for your ears (the ones filled with “profanity”) is just words with tune. Music is only for the soul, that is why God Loves music.

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  5. said! Good music is few and far between these days. Granted there are a few gems here and there, even if you have to jump from genre to genre. I can so relate because I like my music clean, but good. You can catch me listening to anything from Michael Jackson to Carrie Underwood to Lecrae, all in the same day, lol. My friends are usually shocked when I haven’t heard the newest tune by “lil’ so-and-so,” but they all know that the music that I prefer to listen to the most dates 20 years ago on back, lol. When my mom hears me singin’ an oldie and wonders, “How did you know that?” I just shrug and say, “Good music is good music.” Good music to me is timeless, speaks truth, and provides a way of escape. (P.S. just bought my dad a record player not too long ago. We jam to Marvin Gaye and Al Green when I visit lol.)

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    1. My dad loves Marvin Gaye as well and I love Lacrea so much. I recently downloaded his new song titled “Tell the world”,he also featured Mali music. I hope your dad enjoys his new record player. He’s lucky to have you. Thank you very much for dropping by and commenting. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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    1. I am ever searching for good music anujandme, Its already a part of me now. Music is life to me and I appreciate a good one when I listen to it.
      Thank you very much dropping by and commenting.
      Happy Holidays.


    1. You are not the only one Lorraine Anne. I felt the same way too. I’m glad you could relate with the post. Thank you very much for dropping by and sharing and yes I would check out your blog posts right away.


    1. I’m sure your songs will be great. I’m sorry about your throat cancer and I’m positive everything is going to be alright.
      How’s your guitar lessons coming along? Thank you very much for stopping by and sharing with us.
      Have a blessed week.


  6. So true. Some stuff out there they call music is just frightening. How it is being produced I have no idea.


    1. Thanks a lot for dropping by. There is a popular slogan that says “Sex sells”, as horrible as it sounds, it turns out to be true.
      There seems to be a a fuss over any kind of song so long as it’s accepted by the people and the market.
      Inspiration is indeed peculiar! Much love ❤️

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      1. Yes this is true, too. I am referring to actual violence, videos of rappers holding guns and degrading women. Frightening.


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