You Are Unstoppable!

Everyone of us has the potential to be great but we are often limited by our own beliefs and thoughts. Over the years, I have learned that greatness can not be given, you have to earn it and before you can earn it you must believe that you can and you are Unstoppable.

By nature, I know there are people who are more talented, more intelligent than you are but you’ve got no excuse to not work harder and to fail. You owe your future self an explanation if you fail to do what you are supposed to do today, today. Some don’t believe in talents and others do but the truth is whether you believe in talent or not, is completely irrelevant, what matters is believing in yourself and not settling for less. Victories don’t come by accident and the secret of champions is in their stories.

From the moment you were born, you knew nothing and relied on your parents for practically everything but by practicing, by learning, by growing, you are able to get better. (So, what makes you think that now you are grown up, you can’t be something more?) You are able to do the things you never thought you could do. Every skill, talent, capabilities that you take for granted today, were at some point things you couldn’t do yesterday.

Until you are willing to accept that you can do anything (this is not a phrase according to my friend Ben Aqiba), you will continue to be stuck. If you want to put in that extraordinary performance, if you want to dazzle people, if you want to be seen and heard, then you have to get up from that chair, leave the pity party and do something amazing and by amazing I mean believe in yourself, work hard and be the best at anything you find yourself doing. No good thing comes without a price and they don’t come by easily.

You have to be willing to do things that other people think will break you, that other people believe that there is no way you would be able to pull that off, you have to be willing to see past your weaknesses. While growing up, I never believed I would be able to speak in public because I stutter when I speak especially when I try to express myself and so I became more reserved than I was. I spent more time writing than talking but i didn’t give up on me, I became that annoying kid because I would always want to explain what I meant even if I had to stutter from now till tomorrow, it didn’t matter and I didn’t care. I would explain myself by taking it one word at a time and those who had the patient to listen, listened. I kept believing that one day, I would stand and address people. It didn’t come easy for there were thistles and torns on the way, pain and tears, stumbling and falling, lessons and stories but they all gave me reasons to work hard and not stop believing. Today, I can stand before anyone and any crowd and address the people. I don’t stutter anymore because I failed to listen to that other voice that kept telling me “I can’t”.

When you profess success, you must be able to back it up with hard work, you have be able to put yourself on that march knowing that under no circumstances and for no reason whatsoever, would you be willing to back down. Billie Jean King said “Champions keep playing until they get it right”, if you want to be great and be Unstoppable, then you must defeat that weak voice that tells you, “you are not going to make it”, “you are not good enough”, “that promises you safety and protection if you would just quit”, “that tells you, no one believes in you”. Guess what? If you quit, stop, sit back and relax; you stop being at risk, you stop being a failure, you stop being a disappointment, but you will never be great. You will never know what it means to be a success. Is that what you want?

In life, there are no short cuts, it’s either you are on the right track or you are not and if you ever want to achieve anything, you must be willing to put yourself at risk for something great to happen. You have to be willing to face challenges and not run from them. If Joseph, David, Paul, Gideon, and Jesus were unstoppable, then you are UNSTOPPABLE!

24 thoughts on “You Are Unstoppable!

  1. I think that people think they have arrived at success! Success is defined by what you do thru your own personal growth. To be great you must push harder and not rest on your ego! Ego will ruin the race every time. Great advice!


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